Lahh Woods is the Executive Producer of Grassroots Global Alafia, a New York based company that promotes Cultural/Sports Events, Media Arts Workshops for Teens and Sports Apparel. Although Lahh confesses that his athletic prime was in the mid 1970's, he is an active "Balla" & "Life Coach."  He still gets a run in at NYDLBALL.com events and with the 55 & Over traveling team, 'The Sugar Daddies."  He has finally completed the long awaited book and documentary film about [what else?] New York City Hoops and Culture.

                                                   The Du Bois Center [Accra, Ghana]

Lahh comments, "Having the opportunity to travel, mentor and share traditional African culture is a blessing! Many struggle through life in search of their gift and calling…I am fortunate to have found both of mines."