Monday, February 5, 2018

4th Annual Harlem Hoops to Fight Cancer

Harlem, NYC
February 2018

"The joint was Jumping,
Really Jumping!!"

There was a standing room capacity crowd at the Frederick
Samuel Center on 144 Street.  And the crowd at this awesome community affair was there for at least two reasons...They 
were there to once again raise their collective community feet
to kick Cancer's A## and two to see, hear, and enjoy some incredible basketball as some of Harlem's best game announcers 
rocked the mic.  Details at 11!

In the Ladies Game Franchise Basketball [Bronx, NY] defeated Denise's All-Stars [Harlem] 61-52 in a spirited, and athletic game
of hoop skills, and action.  The ball-handling, defense, and 
general offensive prowess of these young women was
a sight to behold.  Certainly, women's basketball has come
a long, long way, and the great game here was a testimate
to that. Great job across the board, for a fun filled day
of hoops, community activism, and great Harlem Indoor
Block Party.  The ladies get another opportunity at the
Occupy Kwanzaa Classic at Taino Towers Gym on
Saturday February 24 at 12 noon.

When it was all said and done in the 21 & Older [Open Division], 
the heroic ballers of Team Alkebulan had defeated the popular, 
and talented actors and producers of Bum Rush productions 
by the score of 47-33. I was surprise when I found out
that these actors, and music producers actually had game.
When I grew up uptown, there was a firm, and solid line
in between the actors, the musicians, and the ballplayers.
These days, as in the past, everyone talks a good one.  
There's only one way to find out who's got game, and that's
done by lacing up those kicks, and getting on the 
court.  Without, a doubt, many in attendance

Three age Divisions Competed 
[Children's Division, Adult Females, and Adult Male]

The Game Announcers in the House
[AG "The Voice of Harlem", DJ Mario, Game 2 & Ladies Game]

Who is Lady EBC?

Productions involved in this annual collaboration...
DJ Mario...

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