Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Bob McCullough is Inducted into South Carolina Sports Hall of Fame

Bob McCullough is inducted into the
South Carolina Sport Hall of Fame
Photos & Story by Terry Lewis

The noted scholar, author and one of the first of four 
Black women in United States history to earn a
doctorate degree, Anna Julia Cooper, reminded
us that our conduct and character as a people is
always on display.  Her prescient words, quoted
here, in abbreviated form speak to this:
"When and where I enter...then and there 
the Whole Negro race enters with me."

Bob McCullough Sr. prepares to receive his S.C. Hall of Fame Award
National Scoring phenomenon at Bennett College 1965

Our brother, friend, teammate and leader by example,
upon entering the South Carolina Athletic Hall of Fame
brought these words and there meaning to life. One fact
is certain, he understood the meaning of the moment.
He tried to bring his family, friends, Each One Teach
One and Benedict College alums with him. In fact
during the course of his acceptance speech - he asks
all of those from his life to stand.
 Bob McCullough Sr. with South Carolina Awards Trustees

That was a sight. Over seventy people, sitting at seven 
tables stood. By far the largest contingent of any inductee. 
As a McCullough, trusted friend, and recipient of "Each 
One Teach One" Programming, his induction will stand
as one of the proudest moments of my life. "Mack",
unlike some of the inductees, was granted a place in the
Hall not only for his athletic exploits. On the contrary,
he was inducted for being a trailblazer in the
desegregating of southern intercollegiate athletics. 

 Each One Teach One, The Rucker Pros, and The NBA Cares
Basketball Clinic at Rucker Pros 50th Anniversary at Rucker Park.


Throw-back Each One Program cover [circa 1965],
and NBA Cares Basketball Clinic 2015.

 Friends & family assembled at the South Carolina Hall of Fame Awards in Columbia, S.C.
Additionally, his efforts as an educator, and architect,
in the globalization of basketball are to be noted.
Without a doubt, his and the efforts of Freddie
Crawford elevated schoolyard basketball status
as a world wide phenomena. His efforts to
transform Holcombe Rucker's philosophy,
message, and commitment to an institution -
Each One Teach One, a program that is now
celebrating its 50th Anniversary-says more
than we can write about.

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