Monday, April 10, 2017

Pelham Fritz Youth Community Outreach 2017

  The Fredrick Douglas Academy: A Bright Star in Harlem

Leadership, and direction is traditionally the proprietary
responsibility of the elders in a community. Now with
that said, there are occasions when our youth can 
take what they've learned from the veterans, and lead
the way. The sportsmanship, teamwork, athleticism,
and command of the game displayed by our 
community youth the other day in Harlem was a
sight to behold. They were teenagers.  Middle, and
high-schoolers. It warmed my aging heart, and inspired 
me to reflect as I personally observed, their love, and
respect of the game was only outweighed by their
love and respect for each other.
"What you help a child to love
can be more important than
what you help him to learn." 
~African Proverb
On Saturday, April 8, 2017, it was a great day for 
hoops in Harlem, when the Pelham Fritz Basketball 
League produced the Winter 2017 Community 
Outreach Games at the (FDA1) Fredrick Douglas 
Academy 1 at 2581 Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Blvd, 
NY, NY 10039

The PFBL is the established Uptown destination for 
Adult Over 40 Winter basketball, and has a thirty
year history of showcasing all of the major post
High School, Post Collegiate, post Professional
players from throughout the Greater New York
basketball community.  Participating players in
the PFBL have included Gus Williams [NBA],
Charles Smith [NBA], Rod Strickland [NBA],
Half-Man Half Amazing [And1], Mike Bantom
[NBA], and Jerry Ice Reynolds [NBA] to name
a few.

      Pelham Fritz Basketball League 40 & Over Action

The PFBL League Website 
However, on this date the community focus was on 
the sixteen, and under, talent from all over the city.  
It was their time to shine, and shine they did. 
Historically, this PFBL event is a magnet for
middle school talent from as far away as Baltimore, Maryland. This year as a result of administrative 
challenges in the "Charm City" the PFBL teen event proceeded with some stellar local talent. 
                             "First Things First!"
Participating teams from all over the tri-state area 
included the Abyssinian Crusaders, the Skyriders, the Riverside Hawks, the Fredrick Douglas Academy 1, 
and the Trenton New Jersey Wizards.

Abyssinian Crusaders 41


Skyriders 45

Riverside Hawks 66


FDA1 (Maroon) 40

Trenton, NJ Wizards 29

FDA1 (Green) 47

Riverside Hawks 64

Skyriders 52

FDA1 (Maroon) 54

Abyssinian Crusaders 50

FDA1 (Green) 42

Trenton, NJ Wizards 28


Perhaps, the words of PFBL Executive Director
Melvin Pratt said it best,"On behalf of the PFBL 
Harlem Community Outreach, I would like to 
take this opportunity to thank the participants.
Once again, we had a day of friendly competitive 
play, and social networking between the youth.
We look forward to future events and hope to
include a broader network and new partner/

Big time, competitive, respectful, hoops have 
returned to Harlem with the PFBL Community 
Outreach for teens, and as it's been said in the
past..."And a child will lead the way!" 

PFBL contact # for Teams, Players, Sponsorship Opportunities:  646 265 2786

Game video to be posted onto Youtube 
shortly after editing.

Peace LW

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