Friday, March 11, 2016

2016 North American Masters Championship Report

Buffalo, New York
[Official Tournament Results,
Photos & Commentary
at Bottom of this Report] 

                               Interview with Director Peter Durham
I prefer to fly.  Yes, flight does have its advantages,
status, and comfort.  Laguardia NYC to Buffalo Niagara 
International hour and fifteen. It's a
no-brainer.  Flying is the way to go.  But when
you're organizing for a mature group of twelve,
it's best to keep things as basic as possible.

So, we gassed up, buckled our belts, and pointed
the midsize cars north to the city of Buffalo.  The "City

of Good Neighbors." So we hit the road. 
We put the pedal to the metal, with our treasured,
trusted, cell-phone gps guiding us every step
of the way.  You know the drill.  How many times
have we been in this situation? How many road
trips?  How many games? How many good times?

The Show on 8-Track 

                       The Barnstorming Harlem Rens World Champs of Basketball 1939

       The Original Celtics: One of the greatest teams of their era.
                                         Who are the Original Celtics?

                          Barnstorming Team, 1931? See

What is Barnstorming?

So, the latest, inter-city, hoop adventure began, yet
again, on the corner of 125th Street in my beloved
Harlem. The home of the "barnstorming" Harlem
Rens.  How many times did the Rens pile into
their vehicles, and point them north, south, east,
and west? Too many times to get a firm count of.

Who are the Harlem Rens?

                      East Harlem 125th street at 5:45 A.M.

The seven hour drive from New York City to Buffalo 
flew by as Sugar Daddy teammates waxed their 
opinions on life, US politics, and what else? Basketball.
Let's face it.  The fact remains that I am Old School
to the bone...I'm still rocking Pro-Keds, and listening 
to Jazz, Pre-Gangsta Rap, Salsa on an 8-Track tapes.

What are 8-Track tapes?
What are Pro-Keds?

One of the key aspects of a seven hour car ride is the 
musical accompaniment. So for the remainder of this
particular article, I will provide a running notation of
the music booming on my 8-Track player and walk-man
We approach the George Washington Bridge for the 
scenic Palisades Parkway North.  I carefully review
the available 8-Track tapes and make the following 
selection. Charlie Parker on 8-Track

                   [Buffalo Masters Interviews by Reporter Shannon Hammond]

                The scenic road to Buffalo Route 86

  Interview with NY Legend Greg "Bubba" Garry [Part One]

Who is Hilton White?  
Fly Like an Eagle on 8-Track

Athletes of all caliber, and size, have arrived for the 
2016 Buffalo Masters event.  This calendar event is 
hosted at the University of Buffalo's Alumni Arena.  
Players from all over North America, and the 
Caribbean, are locked, and loaded for day one's
athletic competition.  The welcome faces, and
authentic hugs are a far cry from what will take
place on the hardwood floor, once the games
begin.  Off the Court, we can all hold hands firmly,
and sing, "We are the World" from the tops of our
lungs...However, on the court, there will be no 
holding of opponents hands, and singing of
anything....All you will hear is "Incoming!!"...
and "Pass the ammo, I think I have a clear shot!"
I know for a fact that I will have a challenge of
a time, in the 55 Competitive, trying to keep
track of  Ricci Greenwood, Warren Prehmus,
Carl Jordan, Sug Ward, and Jim Sweeney. 

[Theme Song for Off the Court]

You know Sweeney, the playmaker/shooter,
who can play, and talk trash, with the best of
them.  We caught Jim, one of the INDY ALL-
STARS, in a reflective moment, and asked
him to comment on the Buffalo Masters event,
"I look forward to traveling from Florida to
Buffalo every March to play in the Buffalo
Masters Basketball Tournament. Founder Peter
Durham does an incredible job organizing a
well run and highly competitive event. Plus,
he fosters an environment where everyone is
welcome and enjoys his experience."

Jim Sweeney
Head of USA - FIMBA (Federation of

International Masters Basketball Association)

I'm comforted in knowing that I won't be alone
in my battle with the Masters Stars, I've got
back-up from my teammates Gene 'Ali"
Jennings, Whimp Ransom, and Warren
Storey. Yes, they will be in the backcourt
with me wearing that money green, and white
until the final buzzer.

                                      Peter Durham, Earl Dixon, & "The Shooter"

                        This 2016 Buffalo Masters Time lapse video
                was Produced & Directed by Scott M. Dugas
                                     [Thirteen years old]

Round 1       Friday    March 11, 2016
Ramsey Lewis on 8-Track

                   Masters Teams represent many US states,
                   Canada, and other parts of the free world.

                 Veterans of the hardwood, ready for action.

            INDY ALL-STARS-2nd Place-Age 55 Competitive

               Interview with the Legendary Mike Campbell

It doesn't faze me, any more, when I hear the great
distances that Masters players travel for these
competitions.  These statesmen of the game will Drive,
Fly, Bus, Train, Bike, and Walk from parts unknown
to blaze the white nets, and get their hoop on.

OES 60  -Westdale  -DURHAM 50
London Huff & Puff, The Ward-

            Day Two: 65 & Over Masters Action at Alumni Arena.

Buffalo Blue-Santora 50-BAC,  
Indy All Stars- Clearwater- 
Fingerlakes, OES 50- London Ballers

                       2016 3-POINT CHAMPS with Peter 
                          Durham & Willie "Hutch" Jones

My Old Kentucky Home on 8-Track

UB ORTHO, Loose Change
Footcare- Hobbertoons-  Rochester Lions
Charlotte Cosmos- Carnegie- Santora 40
NY Sugar Daddies- Honey Badgers- 

Willie H. Jones [Buffalo] with Whimp Ransom & John Marques [NYC]

Bull Durham, Toronto-  Sweetwater - 
            OES 55- Mississippi Mudds- Rochester 30
                    K.W. Selects- Buxmont - Tony Martin
Masters Fight Song

          Shannon Hammond interviewing the B-ball Masters

                  All we need is a fifth: [L-R] Chris Carter [NFL],
                            Lahh Woods, Leroy Casanova, and Rob Samuels aka Air Canada

        Nobody Smiling: "We came to take care of business!"

Elite-  Dellagnese- Naptown Players
Purple Boas- Ohio No Limit- 

Cleveland Stars, Runnin Floyd
Darkhorse- Lancaster Warriors, 
Bayshore Y

Team USA- Golden Ward- New Regime
PSAL- DetroitStooges

                               Peter Durham & Team USA [65 Champs]

Game One 55 Competitive
NY Sugar Daddies vs Loose Change
The Lay-up Line
Mos Def on 8-Track
As we warm up, prior to the game, there is
a moment where I look into the eyes of 
my teammates on the lay-up line,
and I make a mental note of where our 
heads, and hearts are.  Looks like we are
just about all in, with the exception of
one, or two of my brothers in battle.
It's not like they are scared to play, and
get it on, it's more like they haven't
bought into what WE are attempting 
to build, and share on the court.
The game hasn't even started, and 
we are playing a very good team. 
We have to find a way to quickly
refocus, Sooooo....................
"Let's Get Ready to Rumble!"

The Game
Cal Tjader on 8-Track

Early in the game we have some success
with our collective defensive efforts,
as we challenge every shot, box-out
as a group, and defend well as a team.
So far so good.  We only have six
players out of the NYC, with my
Brother Eugene "The Magician"
Jennings joining us from Syracuse.
Loose Change on the other hand
are ten players strong, rotating
line-ups like Roman legions in
the Rhine, every six minutes.
I concentrate on three things, 
[1] balancing the floor
[2] keeping my team focused 
and on task
[3] Containing their guards, 
and minimizing their offensive
production. By the end of the first
half I assess, two out of three 
objectives is not bad.

The first half lead see-saws between
teams.  We are playing as a collective,
and actually go up eight points by 
the end of the first quarter.
Fatigue, lack of effort, and some 
obvious offensive blunders, erases
our lead, and by halftime we are 
down six.  Loose Change has made
a definitive statement, "We are 
veterans, focused, strong, and 
not giving away any 
holiday candy!"

The Second Half
Coltrane on 8-Track 

Loose Change begins to pull away,
with perimeter shooting, solid D,
and controlling the glass.  I glance
up at the scoreboard, and into the 
eyes of my teammates.  We regroup
and make one strong push to win
the dam thing.  The veterans of
Loose Change hold onto the prize
and secure the victory.  They play
with purpose, poise, and confidence.
We gave a solid effort, and played
unselfishly for a common goal.
We will see them again, hopefully in
the final game on Sunday.  Loose
Change is a very good assembly of 
a 55 Masters Team...And so are
the Sugar Daddies.  Blessings.  LW  

Game Time: The Final Countdown

                     University of Buffalo Alumni Arena

[Shannon's Report 3/12/16]

My name is Shannon Hammond, and through 
my involvement with the Willie Hutch Jones 
Educational, and Sports program I have been 
granted the wonderful opportunity to work 
alongside Lahh Woods, of, at 
the annual Buffalo Masters Tournament. 

What is the WHJ Program? 

This event is hosted at the University at Buffalo 
where I am currently working towards an 
undergraduate career in the field of nursing. 
As you may or may not know this tournament 
brings teams from all over the country to one 
arena to do what they love, play ball. What 
makes this tournament so special is the great 
sense of pride, and enjoyment, that can be felt 
from every corner of the gym. These men 
range in age from 35 to 85, and continue to 
come out and play hard in this highly 
competitive tournament.

     Next door neighbors to the North: Picturesque Niagara Falls   

Throughout the day I was privileged, and 
honored, to sit down with many fascinating 
players, and hear their empowering tales 
of their lives...What drives them to continue
to pursue playing basketball well into their
adult lives, and throughout their retirement.
As the day comes to a conclusion, it became 
apparent that aside from the love of the game, 
these seasoned athletes are motivated by the 
love, and support, they share for each other.

Each, and every, player regardless of what 
team they played for, had love for each 
other.  This weekend host an amazing event,
and I cherish the laughs, and wisdom I was 
able to derive from the amazing, 
knowledgeable, players.   

     Technical Support: It's an inter-generational team effort
     to secure game reports, with an assist from Walt Finden.
I heard many accounts of life, throughout
my interviews with these incredible players,
but a valuable concept was repeated 
multiple times.  That is, for us youth to
remain focused, stay in school, and stay
active.  These guys taught me that age
isn't a limiting factor, especially in the
realm of fitness, and health.  As our
bodies age we must stay active, and
never quit whatever it is that we love 
to do to stay active, and remain in
good health.

I just want to say thanks to all the 
players that participated in the 
production, we appreciate you all.
Shannon Hammond
You Can Do It on 8-Track

                                       Writer, Producer, Shannon Hammond at work

55 Competitive Game Two 
The People vs Two Zebras
Bedford 55 vs NY Sugar Daddies

Your Honor...All I have to say about this game is that 
Ted "The Bear" Laan is my dear friend.  We met last 
year at Detroit Senior Games, and without a doubt, 
he's the coolest Canadian I know.  Well, with the 
possible exception of DJ Jude Kelly [Stooges]...and maybe Doug "Puffy" Combs, the 
Bedford 55 Coach.  Hell no!...What am I saying? 
No way Combs is cooler than "The Bear" 
and besides Ted wears cooler shoes than Doug.  
That's an admissable fact. Ted Laan is an Ektio 
man, and so am I.
What is EKTIO?

So where were we? Oh yeah...Game 2...The tale 
of the two Zebras.  If I may share with the
court, as I build my case, several interesting facts 
about zebras.  Zebras are a pivotal aspect of the 
delicate, eco-system, and food chain of the 
immense savannas, and plains that they forage 
through.  Like it or not...from Botswana to the
breezy city of Buffalo, we need the zebras.  
No Zebras...No balance on the Savannas.

Zebras, with their familiar horse-like physique and their distinct black and white
striping pattern, are among the most recognizable of all mammals. We learn at an
early age to distinguish zebras from other animals (when learning the alphabet,
youngsters are often shown a picture of a zebra and are taught 'Z is for Zebra').
Info from "Fun Facts About Zebras"

Well with that said, I'd like to dedicate the last
two paragraphs to the two referees who sleep-
walked through the contest between the inter-
generational Bedford 55, and the Sugar Daddies.  
I know that to have a good, safe, controlled game,  
you always need good "zebras with whistles."  
And, every now and then, just like with ball-players,  
you're gonna happen upon a "stinker."  Well, on  
this fine occasion we stumbled upon two  
"stinkers" in the same herd.
I'm a supporter of good referees.  All good 
referees deserve our cooperation, and respect.
Tournament organizers and directors, remain 
vigilant in identifying incompetent, or short-
cutting referees.  This can damage your event.
These two refs, one in his white jogging shoes, 
and the other in black, biker-shorts mailed in 
their time-cards. [Why not red Speedos?]  
How did they ever get certified to referee?
How did they ever get passed campus security? 
We may never know.  Missed calls.  Late calls.
No calls.  Allowing moving picks, where people
were actually laid out from the contact... And,
when you calmly, and peacefully, cursed them 
out, they had the nerve to give you a technical 
foul! [Only kidding]...However, I did have a
foul assessed to me, when I was clearly 90 feet 
away from the play.  And when I complained,
I was threatened with getting thrown out of
the game.

Your Honor, on several occasions during
the game I cried out to the opposing bench
to D. Combs and to my friend, "The Bear",
declaring that I needed legal representation,
or divine intervention, in dealing with the
"zebra problem" on court number 5. When
one ref misses a call, they're supposed to
back each other up, and support one another.
It is a fact that Zebras graze in pairs to 
protect themselves.  These two refs
should be put out of the pasture. 
Permanently.  And oh yeah...Bedford 55 
beat us by 7.    

Early Saturday morning, just when I 
thought I'd seen it all, I run into a 
great group of Masters players in the lobby 
restaurant of the Double Tree.  I was on my 
way to my morning run, when I was 
generously invited to join the group by M. 
Crute "El Exigente" [The Demanding One]. 
 Who is El Exigente?

The players assembled at the breakfast bar 
were from Ohio, Yonkers, Chicago, Halifax, 
NYC, etc.  The conversation was spirited, 
comedic, and light.  I had just thanked the
waitress for the butter and jam, and I was 
about to swiftly dig into my light order of 
oatmeal, tea and toast, when the shooter 
to my left, finally got an assist registered 
in the score books. He took me to school 
at breakfast.  So I have to give a Madd, 
Madd Shout to my man Ian "Radar" 
Mahoney...I have to credit a game winning 
assist to Ian for introducing me to "Peanut 
Butter" at the breakfast table.  Peanut 
Butter and Oatmeal?? I thought I'd 
seen it all.

I reached out to Jack Stoner of
the Lancaster Warriors, who are
the 2016 Buffalo Masters Champs
in the 60 Competitive Division, and
asked for his reflections on Buffalo
2016. Jack Stoner stated, "This year
we expanded the roster a bit, again
with local players and won it 60-64
age bracket.  The finals game we
were down 11 with 8 minutes to
play and won in overtime against a
Canadian team.  We had beaten
the well known Detroit Metro earlier. 
     It is really fun to be able to compete
against former college division 1 players
from around the country. Our team is
comprised of former Pennsylvania
division II and III college players and
some of us did not even play in college.

                  Lancaster Warriors 2016 Champs 65+ Competitive
I know of one former NBA draft pick
that played in Buffalo.  NFL Hall of
Famer Chris Carter played on a team

in a younger age bracket.  In the picture
with the trophy left to right Dan Cisney,
Warren Goodling (Lock Haven
University), Steve Hinnenkamp,  Randy
Good,  Jeff Ebner (Clarion University),
Bobby Morgan, Jack Stoner, Jeff
Thompson (Dickinson College).
Steve Hinnenkamp and Warren Goodling

made the all-tournament team along
with Randy Good who was voted most

valuable player."    Jack Stoner
Lancaster Travel/Action Jackson Sports


Thanks Jack and Congrats on
winning it all at Buffalo Masters 2016.

What I have witnessed at several Masters events,
are the two contrasting formats for success on the
hardwood floor. One system is to gather the best
"local" talent from your town, or city, and stuff
them into a van, or car pool, and go for the gold
putting your hometown on the Masters Map.  The
other process is to organize on a national level,
and bring together the "Cream of the Masters
Crop" in your respective age group from all
over the country.  This can be a little more
challenging with the coordination of flights,
and minimal practice schedules.  I've heard
these teams referred to as "Free Agent
Teams."  I spoke to one seasoned Masters
player from Detroit, MI, Roy Smith, who's
been on both sides of the Masters coin. Roy
enlighten us on these two different approaches
to Masters Gold, "I'm a player on TEAM USA
65, and we were 2015 FIMBA World Champs
in Orlando, FL last year.  FIMBA Website
Our team is from Ohio, Michigan, Florida,
Kentucky and a couple of other places.  The
United States was very successful at the
FIMBA International Games competing
against teams from all over the world. The
US won the 50, 60, 65, 70 and I think we
won the 75 also.  So now in Buffalo, or Coral
Springs, FL, teams that were successful
in FIMBA have decided to stay together,
and compete nationally. Now, the teams that
win, are not always the most talented, it's the
teams that play together often that make a
better team. That's the key, teams that know
how each other play from playing together a
lot."   Many thanks to Roy "Rebound" Smith
for "clearing the boards" on this emerging
subject in Masters Basketball play, and
much thanks for the snap-shot of the
Team USA 65 Champions in Buffalo.

See you all at the next Masters event! Continue
to play, and teach, the game we know, and enjoy.
So stay in good health, stay in good shape, and
stay in touch. Peace.  Lahh 

50 Foods to Avoid 




What is a Shout-Out?

Lost in Translation: What does Madd mean?

                    Photo Gallery: Part One

     Naptown Players [Indianapolis] and The NY Sugar Daddies


                    What is EKTIO?

Baller Ted "The Bear" Laan [Toronto]
     loads up on his EKTIO Shoes

                                                "Quiet on the Set!"
               Shannon Hammond & Warren Storey [NY]

                       Tournament Director Peter Durham
                            & the 2016 3-Ball Champion

             [L-R] Warren Storey, Larry 'Legend" Coombs [Ohio], & Lahh

     Before there was a Kevin Durant...There was Bob McAdoo

                    Lahh & Craig Welch [Akron, OH]


Congrats to the Champions!! 

30 Champs-HONEY BADGERS 2nd Pl.-Rochester 30 [105-81]
                 Honey Badgers & their MVP Jermaine Sharpe [Buffalo]

40 Champs-UB ORTHO 2nd Pl.-Sweetwater [Final 71-48]

UB Ortho 40+ Champs [Buffalo]

50 Champs-BEDFORD 50 [Canada] 2nd Pl.-Santora 50 [63-60]
                      Bedford 50, the 50 Champs, with Coach Doug Combs

                              Lahh with members of Bedford 50 [Canada]

55 Rec Champs-MISSISSIPPI MUDS-2nd-Buffalo Blue [78-52]
                             Mississippi Mudds-55 Rec Division Champs

55 Comp Champs-Loose Change -2nd Pl-Indy All-Stars [84-54]
                       [Loose Change]- A very good ball club

60 Rec Champs-FINGERLAKES 2nd Pl.-BAC Eggs [55-49]
                                       FINGERLAKES [New York State]

60 Comp Champs- LANCASTER WARRIORS 2nd Pl-Bedford 60 [50-39]
                           Lancaster Warriors [Pennsylvania]

65 Champs- TEAM USA   2nd Pl. Ohio No Limit [47-33]

70 Champs-NEW REGIME -2nd Place-Clearwater [64-41]

Another One Bites the Dust 

Details at Eleven....To be continued...
"More Updates, photos, and player quotes
as they come!" 
 ***Your commentary on these
matters of community, life, and
fair play, are greatly encouraged,
and appreciated.


  1. The scorebooks are tightly closed, and all the
    nets have been cut down. The cold river of
    sparkling cider has been mopped up off the
    floor of the locker room. I pray that everyone has
    travelled home safely, to enjoy the sweet comfort
    of patient, loving, family, and the hot water in
    your collective bathtubs.
    The weekend was great, and we all did our very
    best in Buffalo. As they say, "We left it all
    on the court." On behalf of the Founding Chapter
    of the New York Sugar Daddies Athletics, Music,
    and Men of Leisure, Club I want to personally
    thank Peter Durham and, his remarkable staff,
    for yet another stellar, remarkable, hoop event.
    As we say in the South Bronx, "Excelsis Deo!"
    Way to Go Peter! You set the bar so high
    my Mello! Cheers and Hip-Hip Hooraay!!
    Peace to the Masters Family. LW


  2. Dear Lahh,

    I enjoyed your Miles Davis point guarding
    this weekend...I guess Basketball is like
    jazz: improvisation is encouraged so long
    as it is within the team framework. And
    nobody does this better than “Cool Jazz” Woods.

    I hope that your journey back was uneventful.


    Ted Laan [Toronto] Bedford 60

  3. Game 3 Radio Highlights: INDY ALL-STARS VS NY SUGAR DADDIES

    There is a capacity crowd here at the UAB Auxiliary
    gym for this classic Buffalo Masters, 55 Competitive,

    The scored is tied, and once again the Sugar Daddies
    are on the attack. 5:15 on the clock, turn off the
    45 second clock...Jennings walks it up pressured by
    Sug at the half, he passes to J. Marques at the foul
    line, he has a notion to shoot, he passes to Woods
    right side, beyond the three point arch...He drop it
    to the corner for E. Lacks...He's guarded closely on
    the baseline, E. head fakes, and drives to the basket,
    Indy closes in on him, he passes to a cutting
    J. Marques for the layup. J. Marques is having
    one hell of a game today folks...You should be
    here to see this. Indy down two...4:53
    remaining in the first half...ball goes down
    low to Adams, The Sugar Daddies double down
    in the low post...Adams passes back out right
    side to Jordan, foul line extended, guarded by
    Jennings....Skip pass to Sweeney behind the arch
    ...He shoots...and scores!!! Chalk up another
    basket for Jim Sweeney, who gives Indy the go
    ahead basket in the first half of play.

    Madd, Madd Shout to my Sugar Daddy Teammates...Big John,
    Ali, E. Boogie, Whimp, Warren, Mr. C, Anthony, and Sleepy...
    We'll get em next time!

  4. Lahh,
    Next event is Coral Springs, Florida May 2-7. Details at the Masters Basketball Association website. Nice job, good variety of photos and information, and -- of course -- the music!
    Ken Katona
    Ohio No Limit

  5. It's good to get a report on the masters basketball from a players' standpoint. The Buffalo Masters is dear to me because my brother attended graduate school at UB and unfortunately past before graduating. As we travel to the gym I imagine him going from class to class along the campus and hanging in the dorms. RIP Hardry Cross, Jr.(1985). As for the masters I love it. The traveling, meeting people from across the country and the games. Buffalo, having six maybe seven games going at the same time is the most exciting of all I've attended. Lahh's description of his experience is second to none. Not only his experience but a little history of the city and some health notes. It's why I come back for more. Only if he will let us know when the story is complete. I'll be back.

    Bee, $ugardaddie$

  6. Great seeing ya again again in Buffalo Lahh! See you at the Canadian Masters tournament in Burlington, ON (Oct. 14-16, 2016).

  7. Whimp Ranson, Bronx, NY

    Greetings Lahh, I have been inundated
    with telephone calls in response to
    our team, The New York City Sugar
    Daddies, trip to Buffalo, NY.
    Teammates informed me it was a
    grand affair, I can testify to
    that. To the Buffalo Masters
    staff, who helped, and spearheaded
    their event, "You did it!"
    It was an affair that was excellent
    for b-ball and fellowship.
    Lahh, Thank you, from all the coaches,
    players, referees, and fans. Also
    your leadership and friendship.
    Thanks again.

    Whimp Ransom, Bronx, NY

  8. Jack Stoner
    Lancaster Travel/
    Action Jackson Sports Tours

    We have been participating in the Senior
    Games 3 on 3 tournaments for years. The
    Lancaster (PA) Warriors came in 4th in
    the national senior games tournament in
    Minneapolis in July. We were extremely
    proud of our accomplishments.

    Our feeling was that we went
    the farthest of any team
    that was comprised of a local
    group of players. The 3 teams
    ahead of us were so-called
    "free agent" teams whereas the
    teams were comprised of players
    from different areas, even
    different states. Our team
    members all live within a 30
    mile radius. I had always
    wanted to play in an old man's
    regular basketball, 5 on 5
    tournament. I had heard about
    the Buffalo Masters tournament
    years before and how well
    organized it was and had heard
    about how competitive it was.
    Last year we took a team and
    came in third of 6 teams going
    2-2. The 2 games we lost, we
    felt we could have won. it was
    a great time and a great
    experience. On the way home
    last year I kept thinking how
    it would really be something
    for our resume to have won
    the prestigious Buffalo
    Masters tournament.

    Jack Stoner
    Lancaster Travel/
    Action Jackson Sports Tours/
    Lancaster, PA.

  9. Roger Larson
    Loose Change
    Seattle, Washington
    2016 Buffalo 55+ Champs

    Our team is from all over, Vermont, California,
    Georgia, Florida, Illinois, New Jersey, and
    Washington State. We had good low post play,
    and perimeter shooting. We have a great group
    of guys, who are involved in their communities
    with youth basketball and coaching.
    We have to honor the Indy Stars, they've been
    together a long time, with a history of success
    in the 55 & Over Division. We dropped down in
    age, from 60 & Over, to play against them. We did
    well in the FIMBA World Games last year, so this
    year in Buffalo we brought our basic five, and
    filled out the roster with some other good players.
    We lost to INDY on Saturday, and we had to go into
    over-time to get past a very good Ohio 55 team
    [Dellegess Construction]. We have good players who
    set the tone of the game, we substitute often,
    everyone plays, so everyone contributes. Thank

    Roger Larson
    Loose Change
    Seattle, Washington
    2016 Buffalo 55+ Champs

  10. Ted Beckwith
    FINGERLAKES 60's Rec Champs
    Romulus, NY

    This was our first time playing with one another. We're
    all from Seneca County, Ithaca, Waterloo area. Three
    of us played fifty and over for years. We got together
    with a couple of guys from the Scranton area, so we
    have players from the south end of the lakes playing
    with players from the north of the lakes. We just
    met on Friday, we basically shared the ball, communicated,
    and played basic basketball. We won because we just
    busted our butts.

    Ted Beckwith
    Romulus, NY
    2016 Buffalo 60+ Rec Champs

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