Monday, March 7, 2016

2016 Martin Luther King Games [Harlem, NY]

Harlem Hoops at El Faro Center ML King Event
                           Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Who is Dr Martin Luther King Jr?

Dr. King Speaks

Outdoors, a cold breeze swept across First
Ave, as I patiently waited for the light to change
green.  Not many were seen on the street this
afternoon, only a small cluster of hooded young
men could be spied, slowly slap boxing with the
big, and little hands of time, half a block away.

Indoors, the gym was buzzing, with sunshine and
love. The neighborhood teens were rocking in the
stands, food shared in the lobby, as the 2016 Rev.
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Event took center stage
in East Harlem at JHS 45 on 120th Street and 1st
Ave.  Hosted by the El Faro Program, Each One
Teach One, and the SCAN Beacon Program.

There were four competitive games capped off 
with the middle school players showing their 
developed skill on the hard wood.  Parents, 
friends, and family members supported their 
teams and players in a positive and safe community 
environment in the shadows of Wagner Houses 
and the concrete sidewalks of East Harlem.

          Puerto Rican Pro Legends 2016 ML King Champs

  In the "Old-Timers" Game it was the Puerto Rican 
Pro Legends, once again, defeating the Harlem 
Legends, TEAM ALKEBULAN, by six points, 
72-66 in a contest that showed that the forty and 
over players still had game.

King Holiday Video 

Why was Dr. King Stabbed in Harlem?

The Puerto Rican Pros were coached by Santos 
Negron and led into battle by the offensive
combination of Andre "Corky"Ortiz aka
"Don't Drink the Water" and a gentlemen
who responds to the name of "Will Buckets."  
These two experienced ballers had to be
responsible for more than 60% of the
offensive production on the PR Pros, not
to mention the two three-pointers
executed by Ortiz to "seal the deal" at
the end of regulation.
The offensive repertoire of  "Mr. Buckets"
was quite diverse and efficient.  Head fakes,
rebounds, baby hooks, and a total command
of the backboard provided a frustrating
experience for the ALKEBULAN players.     

                              Dr. King at home with his young family.

The King Center Website

Coach Negron always fields a great, competitive,
team, and his leadership in organizing these 
community events is greatly appreciated by all
in attendance.  Coach Negron on his game strategy, 
"I usually have an Assistant Coach helping me out.
At this game I had Richie Pagan.  I'm not too 
involved in the management of the first and third
quarters.  I want to be involved in the second and 
fourth quarters 'cause I want to win.  I'm coaching
to win.  Who like's losing?"


Team ALKEBULAN was coached by Marty
Alexander and Johnny Pugh.  ALKEBULAN
rallied back early in the game from an eight 
point deficit led by the shooting of Rich 
Salters, Dwight Smith and Ed Gomez from
La Union.  Coach Alexander stated, "When
we have these "Old Timer games", there are 
no practices, we work with what we have.  
Only thing I ask, is that my players try to do 
what I instruct them to do.  If they can't do 
that, we're in trouble." 

                  Lahh Woods & The Legend Bob McCullough of
                  El Faro Center/Each One Teach One/Rucker Pros
Who is Bob McCullough?

Bob & Fred [The Rucker Pro Story]

Late in the second half with the game clock 
winding down, The Puerto Rican Pros were 
up a couple of buckets when Corky Ortiz 
dropped two consecutive three pointers to 
silence the TEAM ALKEBULAN threat,
once and for all.

Madd, Madd, Shout and congrats to Mr. Bob
McCullough, Mr. George Ball, and their staff,
for producing yet another community gem 
that we can all be proud to participate in.     

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