Thursday, January 21, 2016

Martin Luther King Jr Celebration in Hartford, CT

The 2016 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration took
place at the Hartford YMCA and showcased youth and
adult talent on the hardwood floor.  A great concept to
have families come together, in unity, athletics and in
the name of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Who is Dr. Martin Luther King Jr?

Famous Mountaintop Speech 

The participants of this particular event were from 
Springfield, Mass, New York City and Hartford, 

This inter-generational event was well attended and
well organized, Glen Mauldin and the Hartford YMCA
staff produced a great event for the community on the 
Dr. Martin Luther King National Holiday. 
Dr. King Hip Hop Holiday  

                                     The King Family relaxing at home.

The youth games, ages fourteen and under, were played
with great effort and enthusiasm.  Full court defensive 
pressure and perimeter shooting was the order of the
day as dedicated coaches screamed emotionally at
the young, deer eyed, charges who gave their best 
efforts before the capacity, Hartford crowd.
Happy Birthday Dr King Video  

                             Hartford YMCA Youth Team ["Say Cheese"]
                          at 2016 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Event

          Boston's Finest, [white shirts] attack the basket in transition
as Hartford Y [blue] is in hot pursuit.  All teams were well
coached, and disciplined, playing in front of a capacity YMCA crowd.

 Team Alkebulan takes in all the action of the MLK Youth Game.

Youth Team at 2016 Martin Luther King Celebration

The three youth teams from Connecticut and 
Massachusetts competed on a very high level, 
in this positive, safe, YMCA environment.  
Our community needs more "Safe Zones" where 
children can play, learn and develop into the 
positive young adults that we will need them to 
be.  Surprisingly there weren't more female 
participant on the court.  Perhaps, we will see
them compete on another day. 

                                              Sunset over Hartford, CT

The 50 & Over competition was dominated by
the team from Springfield, Mass. as they defeated
a strong NYC team by 5 and then they topped a good
Hartford team by 4. They played with unity, and
purpose until the final buzzer.

                    Springfield Massachusetts 50 & Over Team
                    2016 Dr Martin Luther King Jr. Champs

                           Hartford 50 & Over, 2nd Place
                      2016 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Event

                     New York's Team Akebulan 50 & Over
                 3rd Place at Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Event

                      Glen Mauldin [Left] aka "Set-Shot" with the
                        Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Spirit of
                           Sportsmanship Award for 2016
                          Presented by
Congrats to Springfield and we hope to see them soon.  
Madd Shout to all the participants at the 2016 Martin
Luther King Jr. participants and their families. It is
our intent to continue the tradition of positive social
and educational engagement in our communities.
These types of inter-generational events set the proper
tone for our children, our young adults, and our
families to have a better quality of life as we lead
by example.  We salute the efforts of the Glen
Mauldin and the staff at the Hartford, CT. YMCA
for a remarkable event in the name of an incredible
individual of the Civil Rights Movement in America.
Peace. LW

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