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A cool, pre-winter, breeze blew around the Brownsville 
Recreation Center in Brooklyn today, as the veteran
ballplayers from New York and Philadelphia clashed 
on the hardwood floor, in the League of Legends 
Basketball Classic.  "The B.R.C." The home of  World
B. Free...What a fitting location for the New York/Philly 
Game.  We know what that Brooklyn son accomplished
here on this site, and in the town of Philadelphia.
World B. Free Highlights
Who is World B. Free? 

                                         THE B.R.C. REC CENTER, BROOKLYN, NY

This was the continuation of the classic Philly-New 
York rivalry that dates back to the colonial times 
when Philly was declared the temporary capital of 
the United States of America, ahead of NYC. Who
wants to be permanently placed in second place? 
Raise your hand. How's that for a long
standing beef?
The 9 Capital Cities of the US
Philly vs NYC Report 

                   Capacity crowd at Brownsville Recreation Center

However, today's two competitive games were not 
about beefs, at all.  They were about unity, buckets, and 
that straight up in your grill defense that renders any 
hesitancy or poor execution into turn overs, and W's 
in the record books.  And for the record, today NYC 
defeated Philly in both Masters Games.  Game one 
was an age Forty and Over game, the final score was 
104-63.  Game two was age the Fifty and Over game, 
the final score was 71-59.

We spoke to Glen McMillan, one of the key organizers
of today's games, [along with Michelle Grant] and the 
Commissioner of the McMillan League that is in full 
effect here at the B.R.C., "This New York-Philly rivalry 
has been going on for years, since the time of Wilt 
Chamberlain. Wilt the Stilt info   Old timers still got 
something left, we're here to win, and have some 

                        Young Wilt Chamberlain [Overbrook H.S. Philly]
Chamberlain Highlights
Battle of Giants...NY vs PHilly 
Wilt 100 Points 

McMillan was asked to comment on the difference
between Philly ballplayers and New York ballplayers?
"Both cities have similar styles of play.  Urban teams,
or teams from the ghetto, play a hard, intense or 
physical style of play.  We've been here before.  
We're trying to stay on top. It's really about bragging rights"

The Philadelphia team arrived early for the scheduled
contest, however several of their 40 & Over players
apparently missed the bus.  So they utilized several of
their 50 & Over players to complete their competitive
roster.  New York, on the other hand, were stacked
from the Brooklyn Bridge to the Cross Bronx 
Expressway, by way of the Harlem River Drive
with a fine assortment of New York City Legends
coached by, the one and only, Mr. Darby.

The game began with New York's offensive barrage 
of dribble penetration, kick-outs, and fine perimeter 
shooting...Tempered by an intense stifling defense, 
that kept Philly second guessing themselves, and 
turning the ball over at an alarming rate, despite the
heroics of the 5'10" Jason aka "The Flash."
After going down twenty plus points,
Philly regrouped before the half cutting the deficit
to seven or eight points.  Philly's Antonio "AJ" 
Jardine stated,"We finally got some stops, and
made a run at them.  We didn't have all of our
40 & Over players and the turnovers really hurt 
us."  And in no time the New York lead was back
up to twenty...then thirty...and then some. 

         The final score of game one: New York on top in a big way.


AJ was asked about the Masters [40 & Over] 
climate in Philadelphia, "In my opinion, Philly 
basketball is in a down spiral.  People aren't 
really playing anymore, not since the ending 
of the Hank Gathers League at 25th and 
Diamond." Remembering Hank Gathers

Final Score New York 104-Philly 63

New York's balanced scoring for the day was
led by Reggie with 23, Junior  had 22, and Tyler 
scored 22  points.

Philly's lead scorers were Antonio Jardine 21 pts,
Jason had 16 and Fason had 11 points.

In between games there was a Sportsmanship
Trophy given to Greg Washington, who was
acknowledged as a great member of our
NYC community on and off the court. 

   B.R.C. Staff present Sportsmanship Award to Greg Washington

Although Greg is not quite at the age for 
fifty and over play, he competes well in 
his respective age bracket and is very
familiar with the varying styles of play 
around the country. "These games here
today are a beautiful thing.  I think the 
best basketball is played right here.  
Chicago has a more gritty, physical, 
style of play.  In L.A. they like to do 
a lot of running up and down.  I still 
believe that New York is the 
Mecca of basketball."

                                    BROOKLYN BRIDGE

       Hope is Inside : BRC Historic Hero Wall mural reminds   
       one of the many who served our Brooklyn community.

[Game Two-Fifty and Over]  This game
was more evenly matched, talent wise,
than game one.  These 50 plusers, ran,
push, pulled and played a full, competitive
game with multiple lead changes, and 
the outcome not determined until the last two
minutes of the game. 
      NYC's Coach Anthony said, "Work hard & pass the ball!"

                    Philly 50 & Over All-Stars [We Can Do This]
                   "This Son of Philly became the Man in New York!"
                                                  Who is Earl the Pearl Monroe?            

    One thing's for sure, Philadelphia's outdoor mural game is second 
   to none.  Yes, Philly is the home of incredible, outdoor, murals 
   of American history, inspiration and achievement.

These veterans were maybe a step or two 
slower than the young forty and overs 
who played earlier, but they are serious,
played with pride, and dignity till the last
whistle blew.  

               New York 50 & Over All-Stars [Veterans Day]
            "This Son of New York became the Man in Philly!"

For the duration of the competitive
game both teams, challenged their
personal limits of play and worked in
a cohesive manner to defend, rebound
and score.   The final score was 71-59,
in favor of New York City. New Yorkers
Kurt Joseph dropped 22 points, O.G. had 12,
F. Butler & Al had 10 apiece.  For Philly
K. Coleman scored 12, Big Will had 14,
and H. Barnes had 11 points.
                  Philly called time-out to talk things over.

Perhaps, Philadelphia native Barry Houston
put the day in the best perspective, "It was a
positive day.  We appreciate the invite to come
to New York.  We play every Thursday in
Philly (50 & Over)...All these years, and we 
have never stopped playing. We even have a 
player who is eighty-one years old, and he's still
doing it."

                                     Fly Williams & Greg Washington
                                                  Who is James Fly Williams?

  We asked Commissioner McMillan
if the long ride up the New Jersey 
Turnpike was a factor for Philly to deal
with, and did traveling two hours by
car or bus have an impact on the outcome
of each of today's contest.  His answer
was a classic New York response, "No,
no, no the travel had nothing to do 
with the outcome of the games...
It was a short ride, like riding the train to 
a game at West 4th."  West 4th Park

                  Larger than life inspiration echo off the walls of     
                 Philadelphia...The City of Brotherly Love.

We'll see if turnpike travel has anything 
to do with game scores, the next time 
the New York Masters travel south
to Philly.  In fact I want to see Philly
and New York on the road for the 
Masters North American Championships 
in Buffalo, New York...and then on to 
Detroit, Ohio, Florida, Canada, and 
National Masters Events 
We shall see. Peace. LW


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