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Showdown N Naptown 2015 [The Need for Speed]

2015 Showdown N Naptown Report

Indianapolis, Indiana home of the INDY 500 Road Race
where well decorated, muscular, vehicles power around 
the asphalt track at the speed of flight. Rendering all 
slower racers and fans of the sport almost motionless, 
feeling that rush of the wind in their faces as the 
winning cars whiz by. Where the roar of the crowd
and the loud grind of the engines only pause when bodies
collide and drivers limp into pit stops between games...
I mean between races.  What better way to describe the
2015 Showdown N Naptown?...Like we used to say
uptown, "If you're Slow, you Blow!"
Showdow N Naptown Website 

 Racers Start Your Engines!

The Showdown N Naptown is one of the major central
states Masters events on the calendar year.  Participants,
strong and competitive, travel there from all over the
U.S. including Kentucky, Ohio, Illinois, Pennsylvania, 
Michigan, and New York. Like many of the other masters
events we have covered, "Come Strong or Don't
Come at All." 

[The Iron Horse]
So let me back up to how and where this INDY road 
trip began...

First of all...People are People...Some are good and others
are not...It usually doesn't take much time during our
human interactions to see where someone is coming from.
Times Square New York City... I try to avoid the crowd
and head down a side entrance to the Times Square 
Subway Station.  At the bottom of the small staircase 
there is a short, slow, line of tourist trying to negotiate, 
and speak to the machine shown below.  They are 
having a difficult time navigating the simple, touch 
screen, commands to get their metro-cards to ride 
the train.  They've got dollar bills, and change falling 
out of their hands.  There used to be a time where 
humans serviced other humans...Smartly uniformed 
token clerks gave maps, directions, change for your 
bills, and tokens so people could have a better 
transportation experience. Automation, progress, 
and the elimination of the human touch doesn't 
necessarily mean a better personal experience. 
People need People.

                          The No Armed Bandit of Times Square

I quickly make my way past them, and swipe my 
metro-card.  I'm pushing through the gate and 
thinking, "How difficult is it to get a metro-card 
out of a machine?"  They must be out of towners 
or just "COUNTRY"...Define Country   I shake my 
head and take the Uptown/Broadway #1 local 
train to 59 street...I roll downstairs and catch 
the D train or the A Train [The quickest way
to get to Harlem] Train Theme 125th Street... 
Then I gypsy cab cross town to meet the fellas... 
The New York Sugar Daddies.

Now, no New York City Subway ride is complete 
until you see, hear or experience some crazy, unbelievable,
incident that is right up in your face, with nowhere
to run, and [sometimes] no way to avoid the experience.  
[1] The key is to feel it or see it before it happens.
[2] Just like in boxing, "Protect yourself at all times."
[3] It's much better to see, hear, or witness a subway
happening than to experience a subway happening. 
Sometimes, just like getting caught in a mid-western
twister or storm, you just got to ride it out 
till it's over.
NYC Subway Info

                     Throw Back-New York City Token for subway

Many times a ride on the New York Transit
system is the best entertainment value in the city, 
better than a Broadway Show or anything you could
possibly see at Madison Square Garden.  For the cost 
of a ride [$2.75] you will get to see live drama; acts 
of heroism, a magic act, a child birth, poets, romance,
perverts at work, breaking news, a comedy routine, 
a Kung-Fu demonstration, independent, hip-hop 
dance companies who swing from the overhead
hand rails, and poles...Political and religious
commentary, or church even...You might even see
a family moving to another borough, dressers and
box-springs, and all.  And an occasional boxing
match or MMA Smack Down.

[Let's Get Ready to Rumble!]
Tonight would be no different. This isn't Pay Per
View, this is live and directly in front of you. Not
every time...But all the time. And pay 
attention, because you might just get caught up in 
the action, you become a part the drama, and miss  
your stop.

The most common talent performing on the subway
are the singers and rappers who heavily populate
the underground.  Some have talent...Some have none.

    I'm, on my way, by subway, to the van that is taking
us 12 hours away to compete in the Showdown N 
Naptown.  I'm on the D train, minding my own business,
reading my book, when out of the corner of my eye I see 
a guy...No, a White guy, medium build, Brad Pitt looking
dude, walking towards me with some giant headphones 
on his head. He's mouthing the "gangta rap" lyrics 
of some recording artist that I am not familiar with.  
He's got on some baggy jeans that are four sizes too 
big for him [And Yes, they are sagging] SaggingPants
and he has a black baseball cap on his head, 
turned backwards.  No Bling. No phat gold chains.

He is moving his hands in an agitated pace and is 
"mean grilling" Grilling Translation the various passengers 
as he stomps the enclosed subway car looking in 
every ones face to see "Who Wants Static?!!?" 
Static  1) to cause friction during intense situations
2) an unnecessary contribution of verbal, physical,

and/or emotional aggression
He stomps by the two middle-aged Asian ladies, 
sitting just ahead of me. They turn slightly from him and
pull their purses and bags closer to themselves. They put 
their heads down.  He stomps, to the beat as he closely 
passes the young, well built, Latino man in his late 
twenties [looking at his phone] who barely raised an 
eye, or at least he gave that impression.  Then he comes my 
way...You know the middle aged, slim, Black guy with the 
stuffed duffle-bags and reading material at the end of the 
car.  Maybe he thought I was homeless.  He's singing loud, 
"MFs near me!!, MFs fear me!! I blow a hole in your 
head so you MFs hear me!! etc, etc,"

I'm thinking, "Not Tonight, I've got a tournament in
INDY to go to."  I look him off after making brief eye 
contact and make like I'm still reading my book.  I'm 
really watching his hands, and I'm trying to measure 
how close he's coming to me.  "Maybe he's going to
just pass by me, and open the subway doors, and pass
off into history on his way to terrorize another 
subway car,"  I reason, because I am at the end of 
the car nearest the unlocked door, leading to the 
next car.
Just at that moment he swings his arms, in a boxing 
or punching motion and pivots back through the 
train car, that he has already stalked, looking for 
someone else to intimidate.
When he turns in front of me, I can see three things...
[1] He has two cell phones on his waistband, like a 
gunslinger in the Wild Wild West. 
[2] He's got more tattoos on his fore-arms, and neck
than if Dennis Rodman was a rapping, retired sailor, 
that rode motorcycle. And...[3]  The backwards, 
black, baseball cap on his head said, "NWA"
N.W.A Info 

As the train finally pulls into 125 Street, the "D Train 
MC" found more than he was looking for at the other 
end of the subway car.  As the doors open he was 
being slammed into the platform, by some African 
guy who had about enough of this guys subway bully
routine.  As I'm walking up the steps I hear voices
screaming, "Please! Please! Stop hitting 
him!"..."Okay Cool It!" "Somebody Help Me!"  
"Come on Break it Up!"  "Kick his A##!"
You get all of that action for $2.75 and a transfer.  
That's a New York Minute, and all I wanted to do
this weekend was play some ball with the fellas.

                                Veteran Road Warriors get hungry too.

On the Road Again 
The road trip to Indiana was relatively drama free, with
conversations in the car that covered; The Knicks, sports, 
politics, The Knicks, home ownership, The NBA, 
American economic structure, religion, All-time Fantasy
NBA starting fives, Military service, The Knicks,
auto insurance, The Million Man March, Donald Trump, 
and The Bermuda Triangle Offense

We arrive in INDY and check into our rooms...
we [had] about three hours before game time.
We relax for a few and later we meet in the lobby,
because we want to get a good warm-up and stretch
after that long ride.  We ride over to the Warren H.S.
and walk into the gym.  We are almost two hours 
early for our game.  Certainly enough time to get
loose, so we can get busy.  We run into the tournament
Director of Operations, Jerry Dingle aka Mr. Atoz
[Jerry is Everywhere].  Mr. Atoz  After the brief
formalities, "Welcome to INDY!" "How you been?" 
"How was your drive?"  And the words I will never forget, 
"Are y'all ready to play right now?"  Ready to play what?
Are you kidding me?
At that point I'm tuning him out, and walking deeper into
the gym, busy with competitive games on four of the
six regulation courts in the field house.  As I mentioned
earlier, the Showdown N Naptown is a Major Masters 
calendar event.  I see and greet a few familiar 
"Masters Regulars" from all over the country.  Hoosier Hoops 

Jerry Dingle: Director of Operations

Some nod and wave, while others meet me half-way 
across the gym with warm hugs and dap.What is dap?  
Everyone in the gym is asking, "Where is Corky?" 
or "Where is the Peter Ree-can guy?" or my 
all time favorite, "Where's the white guy 
with the white hair?"
For your information, "Me Primo, Me Hermano 
Corky es Boriqua!" Corky is Puerto Rican.
He's recovering from an injury sustained
in the 2015 FIMBA World Championships
representing Puerto Rico in Orlando, FL.Fimba Website 
As I put my knee braces on, I am notified that
whatever team we were scheduled to play
against [in an hour and a half] cannot wait for
the scheduled game time, because some 
of them have to go to work.  I'm not making 
this up.   **A Note to Event Producers and 
Masters organizers, all over the world, game 
schedules should be protected, and are the 
cornerstone of any successful social, 
business, and or recreational
activities.  End of Note**  

                          Son of Indiana: The Big O, Oscar Robertson

Warren High School Hall of Fame
Indianapolis, IN 

Needless to say I was not pleased.  I was pissed
and was considering a team boycott until the proper,
previously scheduled, game time.  Next thing I
see is a lone referee calling for our captain to 
come to half court for that pregame chat. 
Well I'm one of the Sugar Daddy Captains 
and I'm not going out there. To top 
things off our opening opponent is the INDY 
ALL-STARS. The All-Stars are a very 
good team, who have consistently demonstrated 
that they have our number.  In six or seven contest, 
I don't recall the Sugar Daddies ever beating 
them.  Some games were close, but most games 
were not. I'm talking 25 to 35 point stomp outs, 
on the regular. 
Son of Indiana: Shawn Kemp

 Sugar Daddy Tony Greene 
at Warren Hall of Fame
As I mentioned earlier, Indianapolis
is the home of the INDY 500, where muscular
vehicles power around the court at the speed 
of flight.  This INDY team is like an Olympic track
team, or a formula one racer, with no brakes [other
than a "fast break,"]  that keeps coming at you.  
And they never seem to run out of gas.  They all 
know their roles and, unlike many other adult
teams, they all stay in their lanes.
Larry Legend    

                                               Warren H.S. Trophy Case

[55 & Over] GAME ONE was against the INDY All-
Stars, and knowing that they were not at full strength, I
optimistically thought our chance of claiming a victory
was good.  I had failed to asses that we were not at full
strength either.  They didn't have their entire front line,
and a key ball-handler/scorer in Sam "Sug' Ward, [injured].
And we had no front line at all, and didn't have our
perennial MVP Corky Oriz aka Mr. C aka The Latin
Indiana Bball 
       We tried to hang with them, but once they got
their INDY engines rolling they were off and running,
up and down the floor, like the high performance
machine that they are.  

Their formula for success is simple...
[1] Dominate the offensive and defensive boards 
[2] Establish and execute perimeter shooting, 
[3] Run! Run! Run

                              INDY ALL-STARS 2013, 2014, 2015 CHAMPS IN BUFFALO, NY

And they have the personnel to do it.  When you watch
them play everyone always comments on Carl Jordan's
output, and he's not doubt a very good player. CJ's Story
                    Son of Indiana: The Legend of French Lick
                                    Larry Bird: Top 10 Plays

 ...However, INDY's collective effort is not really recognized 
by many observers of the game.  The leadership, and play 
of James Adams aka Nut is rarely commented on by any 
spectators.  The defense and rebounding of their front line 
is monumental.  The way the front line [Leon Manning,
Randall "Sky" Diggins, Harold "INDY" Driver, Dea
'Truck" Robinson, Thomas Taylor, Luther Baker] pass
and release the ball, on leak outs, is nothing to ignore, 
with a pinpoint accuracy rate higher than Patton Manning's. 
Shawn Sky Kemp 

As a team they make few, to none, turnovers, and 
share the ball extremely well.  Their guards Kerry
"Set Shot" Robinson and Sug Ward are solid ballers,
and always in good shape. They know what they're
doing and rarely disrupt the natural flow of their
offensive attack. I already told you about Carl
Jordan, and I'm gonna say it again...SERIOUS
BALLPLAYER!! Nationally in this age group...
Top Ten Player without a doubt.  Internationally
Top 20 without a doubt.  He can make it happen.
After all that talent, they even hit you with the
cagey veteran, Phil "Sky Hook" Lawson, who
gives the INDY All-Stars quality minutes in relief.
GM Highlighs 1
G McGinnis, INDYS Finest 

On a national scale they have proven to be
formidable, and they have won just about every
age 55+ Title in the last few years.  However,
internationally the INDY STARS don't stack up to
deep teams like the Dominican All-Stars 2015
FIMBA World Champs from Santo Domingo,
Dominican Republic, who are also the back to
back Champs at New York's Tournament of 
Legends [2013-2014] 
                                   CJ & Company Theme Song

                         Son of Indiana: George McGinnis
                                     McGinnis: The ABA Years  

We contacted the INDY STARS for a comment
for this article and this was their reply:

"Hello Gentleman this is James (NUT) Adams
with the INDY ALL STARS, Just wanted to say
good game, and thanks for coming here to play
us in the (Showdown in Naptown) tournament. 
Bigger teams don't like to play us, beacuse we
like to run thats why we dont worry about bigger
teams. So we go in and play hard and get the job done."

We at NYDLBALL.com were glad to hear from
the INDY STARS directly.  It's always best to hear
it from the source and not through some other channel.
So to clarify things, we asked Nut about the INDY
STARS participation in the 2015 FIMBA World
Masters Championships that were held at Disney
World [55 & Over] and won by the Dominican
Stars from the Dominican Republic.  Nut stated,
"The last tournament in Florida [FIMBA] that wasn't
my team.  I (Nut) didnt make it to that tournament, 
that was a team that was put together by someone
else. It was not INDY ALL STARS, but we will be
at the tournament in Florida in May, hope to see
you all!"

They are a good team and NY and everyone
else in these Masters games need to come
correct to compete with them, and teams of
their caliber. We need the right pieces to
solve this interstate, international, hoop puzzle
...But even before Florida in May there is the
Buffalo, NY, North American Masters in March. 

We can beat these guys...I know they're very
good and all, but just give me three veteran lottery 
picks from uptown.  Work with me people...All I 
need is [1] Leroy Shaw: to sure up the back-court
[2] Give me Stanley Lamb on the back-boards
[3] Give me Mike Bantom is the low post and 
it's a wrap. Can somebody make this happen?
NYC Hoops Video 
NYC Old School Ballers  
Zack Husser holla at me.

Can somebody get Billy Goodwin and
Cornbread out of retirement?  Give me 
Tom "Showtime" Singleton on a bad night 
and we still win by 10.  Doin it in the Park Trailer
Give me Pie Thorton, Pinocio, Kirt Joseph 
and Ed "Sundance" Davis so we can 
win one of these Masters events. Doin It In the Park Review 

Where the hell is Hank Edwards, 
the Doward Brothers and Eric Harris Sr.
when you need them?  I want to see The 
Puerto Rican Pro Legends Win-Place-or
Show at the 2016 Buffalo Masters!
Buffalo Masters Website 
Santos Negron holla at me.

I want to see The Brooklyn Brew Crew win
some games at the Burlington Canada Masters.
Canadian Masters Website  
I want to see The Real Harlem Basketball 
Player Association getting buckets at Detroit Masters.
Detroit Masters Website 

Are there any old school ballers left in NYC?
I want to see the Pelham Fritz tournament
send a team to Medina, Ohio to win that 
tournament and bring home the Gold!
I need the Riverbend Raiders in uniform.  
I need to see Tiny's All-Stars.  Where is 
Elmcor?  Where are the West 4th Alumni
working out at?    Still Here Ohio Website
Mel Pratt holla at me.
Is anybody still lacing up the kicks and 
getting it on for the love of the game?
Somebody told me Chris Mullin works
in Queens now, get him on the line.
I want to see Lowes Moore, Bill 
Willoughby and Albert King at our
next practice!  Is anyone listening to me?
I want to see Joe Lewis, Bobby "Zorro" 
Hunter, and Harold "Funny" Kitt
win the 65 & Over Division in 
Coral Springs, Florida 2016.
Masters Basketball Association Website 
AG the Voice of Harlem holla at me.

I want to see the Brownsville Rec League from
the Brooklyn win the Chip at the 2016 Showdown
N Naptown.  Why can't I see Brownsville in
Jacksonville, FL? Where in the world is 
Spanish Doc, Freako Bob and Anthony
Price aka Oak? Bring back the L.A. All-Stars,
Grasshopper and all!  I'll take Sam Worthen
and Geoff Houston out of town to battle, any day.
                                   Sam Worthen Stats

How old is Bobbito? How old is Dancing
Doogie? How old is Master Rob?
Why should the Sugar Daddies have all the 
fun, representing the five boroughs of NYC 
on our own with a target on our backs?
Glenn McMillan holla at me.

Please let me know, cause taking these long 
trips out of town and "getting the business"
on the road is sure getting played out!  FAST!
You can't win a National Drag Race without
the proper vehicle...You need a high powered
Drag Race Car. And you can't compete in
Formula One races without a souped-up
Formula One Car! 
We have the need for speed!

      The Sugar Daddies got solid play from Kelvin 
"The Jet"Jones aka KJ...Ball-handling, scoring,
also a great defender.  Kelvins presence on the
court elevates this Sugar Daddy franchise to new
heights.  We'd be completely lost without him. 
Seriously folks.  We got major offensive output
from Bernard "Bronx Style" Braithwaite
with perimeter shooting and isolations in the 
paint.  "B" is always armed, locked and loaded  
with an assortment of offensive weapons...Inside
...Outside...How you want it?

                        SUGAR DADDIES IN INDY 2015

[55& Over Game 2] We got hyped up to play against
the team from Lexington, Kentucky.  They had a couple
of bigs and at a glance, we weren't impressed by the
size and conditioning of their guards.  Never judge a
book, or a ballplayer, by it's cover. They jumped all over
us, right out the gate. They balanced the floor and ran
when they could.  They were patient on offense, no
30 second clock, and got the shots they wanted.  We
were off to the races, shooting early in the offense, 
with no presence on the boards...Not the best formula
at any age of competitive hoops.  We trailed Lexington,
until we made a collective defensive effort and tied
the game.  We only had six players.  They only had
six players.  So patience, conditioning and heart would
be the cornerstones of success on this day. 
       At one point we briefly took the lead, as we dug
in on defense and got some offensive output from
Kelvin Jones and Bernard Braithwaite.  On this
day we weren't as organized or sharp as we have
been in the past.  We were not playing the very
best style of New York City street ball.  The
Lexington guys meant business, and began a slow
methodical process of pulling away from us.  Not
only were they a good, physical club, they could
also talk trash with the best of them.  At times all
I could do was laugh out loud at some of their
remarks, because [1] they were funny...and
[2] There was no NY Cavalry riding into the
door on black horses to save us.  We put up
a decent effort, and we still dropped game
two to Lexington [63-45]

After the game I kicked it with them about
how they had organized to come to INDY.  I was
surprised when they told my that they were
from different parts of the country, and had met at
various Masters events over the years.  One of the
big men was from Lexington, Kentucky, the guards
were from Cincinnati and Philly.  And one of the
big men I believe was from Michigan.  They also
had a hard time getting players to travel and
compete on the road so they networked with
each other.  Cool. Is this the way to go?
The veteran leadership and ball handling of
Sugar Daddy #1,Whimp Ransom has to
be mentioned. Solid, and as steady as it gets.
When you cut through the lane, playing with
Whimp, you better have your hands up and be ready
to catch the ball.  He sees you before you get free.
Every successful team needs a level head, and
Mr. Ransom is a stabilizing factor on and off the court.
Tony Sugar Daddy Greene made his presence felt 
with quality minutes and defensive stands, as he chose 
his minutes wisely in relief.  Tony has the heart of a
lion and we thank him for organizing yet another
great Sugar Daddy experience.  Jake McConnell 
kept Indy defenders busy with his perimeter 
shooting and always remaining a threat on offense.  
We were once again, out-manned, out-gunned, and
out-ran.  We lose by about 30+. 

 Larry Coombs "The Mansfield Magician"

                        "LL" Legendary Larry Coombs [L.]

During the Showdown N Naptown, I got to kick it with
my man Larry Coombs, aka "Legendary Larry", aka
"The Mansfield Magician", and my personal favorite
"Larry 5-O"...5-O not because of his height, but 
because of him scoring 50 on someone...Somewhere!
Larry suited up at this Masters event with Delagnesse
Construction from Akron [55+], however, he also 
gets a serious run with the infamous L.C.I. Franchise 
from our neighbors to the north, Canada.

We met a while back as competitors at the Detroit 
Masters, and have earned each others respect on 
and off the court. We asked LL what's the deal with
this Masters Basketball scene, is it real? "People don't 
realize the we play five on five, regulation courts, 
twenty minute halves.  We are for real.  We dropped
95 points on Chicago!  95 points! NCAA teams don't
even do that.  I dropped 50 on some guys from 
Cleveland.  They say I'm a playground legend or
whatever...but before I found out about Masters, 
I was used to playing against 18 & 19 year olds
at rec centers and punishing them.  I used to hate
it when someone would say,"You're a pretty good
player for your age." I was like, for my age? I 
just destroyed your teenage son out here on the
court, I'm a good player. Period."   
         Larry's team advanced to the Age 55 & Over
Championship Game against the INDY ALL-STARS.
Both teams were undefeated and many in town
anticipated an upset in the makings with Delagnesse
Construction looking like world beaters in the opening
rounds, beating teams by an average of 30 points per
game. [Check below for 2015 55 & Over Champions]

So once again, we asked Larry what's the bottom line?
What is Masters Basketball really about? His answer
was quite profound and honest.  "I had cancer surgery,
in January 2015.  I prayed to God and I just wanted
to live to spend some time with my grandsons and my
family.  So right now, I am cancer free. I'm working
out again and competing on the court.  Winning makes
it all worth it, but the camaraderie in Masters basketball
is what it's all about.  When you can meet some great 
guys, from all over the country, who could care less 
about what you did twenty years ago, and be friends.
The Lord has blessed us with health, we still have the
talent and experience to perform.  Athleticism only
takes you so far, we have to be humble with it."
We thank the Mansfield Magician for his commentary,
and I hope one day soon we can suit up in the back-
court together in one of these Masters events.
That would be tight.

[The Human Touch]
The hospitality factor at the Showdown N Naptown
has to be commented on.  The tournament staff,
committee and referees [for the most part] make 
you feel welcome, safe, and create a great, warm, 
environment not only for basketball but for a 
comfortable, stress free, weekend. The young
ladies on staff...I call them the Naptown Angels,
were remarkable as table staff, hospitality room
hostesses, food vending areas, ticket sales at the
"INDY Dinner Dance" and any common area of
the event.  They were professional.  They were
courteous.  They were Naptown Angels and we
thank them, one and all, very, very much.   

    Ladies and gentlemen, stand on your feet and
give a strong Indianapolis welcome for the 
baddest band in the land.  That's right...Stand on 
your feet for THE DOWNSTROKE BAND!!
Downstroke Video Clip 

        The Showdown N Naptown has their own, in house dinner
and performance evening, that is a great experience contrasting
the athletic play of the weekend.  It's called the All City Reunion
and Indianapolis comes out in their finest gear to party and 
celebrate the old school to the maximum. The event is DJ'd by
TNT Productions who keep the party rocking with classic 
R&B hits from the 70's & 80's and all the current line dance
hits from "The Wobble" to the "Electric Slide"  The band 
that plays two or three musical sets are the incredible 
DOWNSTROKE BAND.   The-Downstroke Band FB
This band is "Outta Site" and have the stage show, and 
musical chops to rival any 70's recording group from 
Confunkshun to Prince.  This talented group keep 
the classic hits coming and they keep the people on the 
dance floor. Sugar Daddy Captain, Whimp Ransom 
reflects on the voyage to Indiana, "Everything went
well. Even though we were short of players, overall
the trip was very good. Even with players who were
basically trying to get back in shape, the camaraderie, 
the hangout, the games...It was a good time."


Neil Robertson [Dirt Bowl, Loisville KY] & Neil Thomas [Showdown N Naptown, Indy, IN]

We congratulated the Showdown N Naptown
Tournament Director Neil Thomas and he stated,
"It takes a lot of work behind the scenes to have a
good event.  You have to work by committee, you
need good people.  You can't do this thing by
yourself.  Look, I'm a contractor, so all year I put
each piece of this event together and pay for it in
advance.  So when it's time for the tournament
everything's in place. I want to also thank my
staff from concessions to hospitality.  Thank
you all. But next time, I want to see some new
teams out here.  I want this event to be like
Buffalo (Masters) with sixty plus teams
competing.  That's my goal"

This entertainment and social event, combined with 
the strong competition on the hardwood floor,
is the reasons that we rank THE SHOWDOWN 
N NAPTOWN as one of the top Masters events of 
the year.  It brings a smile to my face when I envision 
teammates and other veterans working it out on the 
dance floor.  A good time was had by all, and nobody 
got hurt.  

So were heading home, had a great experience in INDY.
We linked up with old friends, played some ball and some-
where out there on Route 80 in Pennsylvania, we come 
across this fire engine red gas station.  We pile out of the 
vehicle, a mass of sore legs, as nature calls, and we're 
all hungry.  We stagger into the lobby of the gas station
and we see that they have fast food.  People are walking 
out with food, but I don't see anyone taking food orders.
I'm a little confused.  I look at my brother Jake "The 
Snake" and he looks as confused as I am.

       Giggling teens walk past us, and punch their fingers on 
the brightly colored screen, placing their food orders, as me 
and Jake are looking for the "traditional cashiers" that are 
nowhere to be found.  "Ain't this some BS," I think to 
myself...How in the hell do we get our food.  I get the 
attention of one of the young workers behind the row of 
kiosk, Amber, who is stacking burgers and ketchup in 
someone elses order.  Amber looks like a High School 
sophomore, and that she shouldn't be working anywhere 
at this time of night. She politely explained to me that 
there are no cashiers on this side of the restaurant. 

                              The digital waitress at Sheetz

And that I had to use the computer screen to [1] Identify 
what food I wanted to eat...[2] How to season it...
[3] What size? [4] Identify what beverages I desired, 
etc, etc [5] Print a receipt for my order and pay on the 
other side of the restaurant.  Really?? Wow!! I look 
at the kiosk...I look at Amber....I look at Jake and he 
shrugs his shoulders...I then think about the tourists 
that I ran past in Times Square the other night...You 
know the ones that were confused, and talking to the 
Metro Card machine, trying to get into the subway.
The ones I called "COUNTRY"  The ones that 
probably needed my help. I thank God for the lesson.  
And I thank Amber, for the human touch, and for 
standing there with us as we, slowly, ordered our 
fast food...on a touch screen kiosk, on Route 80 
PA, at 3:17 AM...On our way home from the 
Showdown N Naptown.  Peace. LW       

2015 Teams who saw the Checkered Flag
INDY 500 Finish 

40 & Over Division-
1st Place-The Right Touch [Indianapolis, IN]
2nd Pl- Old Timers- [Cincinnati, OH]

Co-MVPs  Mel Blower & Damon Jones

50& Over Division
1st Place-[Owensboro, KY]
2nd Pl-Kentucky All-Stars [Louisville, KY]

MVP-Mike Weaver

55 & Over Division

1st Place-INDY All-Stars [Indianapolis, IN]
2nd Pl- Dellagnesse Construction [Akron, OH]

MVP- Carl "CJ" Jordan

60 & Over Division

1st Place-Danville All-Stars [Danville, IL]
2nd Place-Metro Detroit  [Detroit, MI]
Final Score [64-35]

**League note: Because of win-loss records and game
scores, Danville had to win by 15 points or more to 
be crowned 2015 Naptown Champions.

MVP-Mel Medco

                                    Sugar Daddies in INDY

                           Showdown N Naptown Host Hotel
                                   Marriott Indianapolis


Madd, Madd Shout to my man "Big Time Neil from the
Ville" Robertson holding it down in Louisville, Kentucky
with the masters traveling teams and revitalizing the
Dirt Bowl down in Louisville.  Dirt Bowl Video 
Neil and his co-pilot Joe Smooth were a bright, positive, 
and social light in INDY...On or off the court.  
Peace to the family.  LW


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  1. It was great to travel to Indianapolis with my partners for the Showdown N Naptown.
    Masters Basketball is growing in popularity, I just want to see more talent on the
    competitive scene. Madd Madd Shout to the INDY ALL-STARS for their comments
    in this article. We want to hear more about the other talented players that have come
    out of Indiana, from Streetball to the the Pros!