Thursday, July 23, 2015

Rucker Park 50th Anniversary Celebration with The Rucker Pros


All roads lead to Harlem, New York for the 50th Celebration 
of the Rucker Pro Basketball Tournament.   The event is 
hosted by The Rucker Pro Legends, The National 
Association of Each One Teach One, Inc. and the Greater 
Harlem Chamber of Commerce during the Annual Harlem 
Week Celebration.  The weekend will have a number of 
showcase games on Saturday and Sunday. There will be 
youth Basketball Clinic for the children at Rucker Park 
on Sunday afternoon. The festive weekend will begin on 
Friday August 14, 2015 with a reception that will be 
held at the Harlem Hospital Rotunda at 6PM, 506 
Malcolm X Boulevard, New York, NY 10037  
Located at the corner of 135 Street & Malcolm X Blvd. 
from 6 PM to 8PM.  

                                       [L-R] Globetrotter, Richard 'Pee-Wee Kirkland", Joe
                               "The Destroyer" Hammond, Freddie Crawford [Knicks/Lakers]
                                       Hawthorne Wingo [New York Knicks]
                        RUCKER LEGENDS @ IBALLmag Day 2014

Friday August 14, 2015      There will be a press 
conference, photo op and greeting of  The 50 Greatest 
Ballplayers to play at Rucker Park.  The illustrious 
invited guest list reads like a “Who’s Who of modern 
NYC Basketball History, whether they be a star from 
the ABA, NYC Streetball, the NBA, or from the 
Collegiate ranks. The Rucker 50 Induction list includes 
Julius "Dr. J." Erving (NBA-ABA), Nate "Tiny"
Archibald (NBA), Bobby "Zorro" Hunter 
(Globetrotters), Richard "Pee-Wee" Kirkland [NYC], 
Joe "The Destroyer" Hammond [NYC], Pablo Robinson 
(Globetrotters), Charlie Scott (NBA-ABA), 
Willis Reed (NBA), Doug Cowens (NBA), Carlton 
Green [NYC], Artie Green [NYC], Dave Stallworth 
(NBA), James "Fly" Williams (ABA), Kevin Williams 
(NBA), Steve Burt Sr. [NBA]., Hawthorne Wingo 
(NBA), Charlie Chris (CBA/NBA) and Connie "The 
Hawk" Hawkins (Globetrotters/NBA) to name a few.

        MORE INFO:   
George Ball 347-928-9730 or 
Lahh Woods  347-869-0523
Rucker 50th Celebration Organizing Committee

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  1. I'm going to be there to check this out. Great to see that all of those Streetball Legends are
    finally getting some recognition. Back in those days everybody couldn't get a run at a major college or in the NBA. Back then most families couldn't afford to go to Madison Square Garden so Rucker Park was our NBA and better!