Thursday, November 6, 2014


           Balla-holics [Blue] defeat U Can't Guard Me [Gold]

It was supposed to be a blow-out.  It was supposed to be
a light-light workout where the young athletes would
get schooled on the finer aspects of the grown man's 
game.  It was supposed to be a clinic, where young legs
and hearts would be slightly bruised by the mature,
old school, weekend warriors in gold. It became a classic 
match-up of "Youth vs Experience"..."Speed vs Power"
"New Legs vs Old Legs"  Just closely look at the above 
post game photo for a moment.  Observe the body 
language.  Take a look at the juxtaposition of the 
teammates in relation to one another.  Look at which
group is smiling and which is not. It was not supposed
to go down like that.  The Balla-holics defeat U Can't
Guard Me by the score of 61-54 in the 1st Annual
Daddy Woods Classic in front of a capacity crowd
at the Jamaica YMCA aka Jamaica Square Garden.

Fresh out the gate...What is a Balla-holic? Let us 
break it down for you.

           2014 Balla-holics Basketball Team

                    1. some one who is very, very, good at basketball
              One who has skills...  
              It requires much skill to achieve "balla" status 

  1.Im a balla fo real
  2.LeBron James is a Balla 


            1. Suffix commonly applied to words to indicate 
                obsession, or dedication.

The family friendly game was part of the weekends 
celebration of the Life and Times of Clarence E.
Woods Sr. who was a firm believer in education,
recreational athletics, and positive community 
events.  The weekends massive celebration 
included a 2K Fun Run at Baisley Pond Park in 
Jamaica which was won by twelve year old Lucas 
Chaliz from Harlem, NY.  The Second Place 
runner was Lahh Woods, who has filed a written 
protest with the 2014 race committee over the 
lack of proper demarcations at the 2K finish line.  
Mr Woods demands a re-run and firmly believes 
he was denied his proper place on the victory stand.
One unidentified witness stated,"He's not a sore
loser or anything like that. He just wants what's 
rightfully his...He wants justice."



COREY WADE                               UNIQUE CHARLES

From the start of the game Coach Tim Barret 
instructed his young stars to push the ball, pass 
with a purpose and keep the defensive pressure 
on..."I knew that they were more experienced 
than us, but I also knew that we would never 
get tired...Not in that small gym."


And keeping the pressure on is exactly what 
they did, steals, deflections, block shots and 
transitional baskets were the order of the day.  
The ball-handling and leadership of Corey 
Wade held many of the loose pieces together 
as Unique Charles did the heavy lifting 
grabbing numerous rebounds and playing 
solid "D."

The game remained relatively close as U Can't 
Guard Me got several baskets from Tramaine 
"Buckets" Oxley and Thomas "C-Train" Coleman 
carried the offensive load for the veterans. Kelvin 
"Ghost" Wharton protected the rim, to the best of 
his ability, for the vets in gold with numerous 
blocked shots in the paint. "He should have got 
MVP. He was everywhere. He blocked my shot 
about ten times," stated Ellis "The Jet" Green. 


The post game assessment from U Can't Guard Me team
Captain, Larry "Hook-Shot" Shoy was not pleasant, "We
got a couple of ball-hogs on this team.  All I can say is
that there was selfish play. The ball was stuck. They
[Balla-holics] passed the ball, and we didn't!"

The speed and perimeter shooting of Steph "Down-
town "Graham, Justin "JJ" Joseph, and Ellis 'The Jet" 
Green was just a little too much for the opponents.
Every time the team in gold made a run to tie the 
game the young men in blue just hit the gas pedal 
and took their foot off the brakes.  It was a track 
meet, where the young legs got the job done with 
a seven point victory. The games outstanding
players [MVPs] were Thomas Coleman for 
U Can't Guard Me, and Justin Joseph for the 

                 Daddy Woods was a proud veteran of WWII 

Next year's Daddy Woods Classic will be a great one, 
hopefully you will be there to see the "Old Timers" get 
their first "W."    Peace and Blessings.


  1. Enjoyed the fast pace game. Young Blue shirts impressed with shots from 3 Pt land - Gold shirts went strong in the paint like a freight train again & again. Great game!

  2. I was there for like the whole game. Well not the entire game but I saw it.
    It was like Scoobie-doo. Know what I mean. They was doing it. Those
    old guys got tired.

  3. This was a nice tribute to a great man. I am sure he is smiling and laughing. Really appreciate the humor and reflection of the day as well as the video clip on the 555 Infantry. Blessings and peace.

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  5. "Was an awesome game!". - Christopher Todd-NYC Court Warriors