Friday, August 22, 2014


Latino Sports Inc. is once again hosting the
Celebrity Basketball Game and Family
Day at Hoops In The Sun
[Orchard Beach Bronx, NY] 
                               THE CROWD AT ORCHARD BEACH, BRONX, NY

There will be music, prizes, and entertainment for
the entire family and a couple of community
basketball games that will have the local crowd
cheering on their feet.  Game ONE, at 12 noon,
also known as the "Mystery Game of Ringers "
will feature community members from the
Bronx/Harlem social, political and entertainment
scene, including the staff of  Hoops In the Sun,
Latino Sports Inc.vs Bronx-Net Cablevision, 
who is the local cable television station for 
this area. Historically, anyone might show 
up and put on a great show on or off the  
basketball court.  You may see a dance 
performance at half-time, or even a  
Hip-Hop fashion show....We've witnessed a 
mass ZUMBA class and even a man on a unicycle
dribbling a basketball and doing wild tricks.  Every
year this entertaining game comes down to the final
possession and every year we all have a grand time. 

GAME TWO, at 1PM will feature non-other than the
Puerto Rican Pro Legends coached by Santos Negron,
Roberto Guilbe, and Charlie Cotto.  They will be
matched against Team Alkebulan/Men of Respect
who will represent the Harlem Pro Legends 
and [Madd Shout 
to Bob McCullough and Each One Team 
One]  This should be a classic match-up of 
two veteran ball-clubs who have in one way 
or another been competing against one 
another for over thirty years.  This will be a 
match-up that will pit Size and Low Post 
Play vs Speed and Defensive Strategy. 

Latino Sports Celebrity Basketball Game & Family Day
                                            THROW-BACK FLYER FROM THE ARCHIVES

The Puerto Rican Pro Team will be lead by Andre
"Corky" Ortiz, who is a scoring machine and veteran
of not only the hard NYC Playgrounds...He is also
a clever veteran of the Balocesto Superior League de
Puerto Rico for many, many years.  He will have a lot
of help from a Puerto Rican Pro front line of players
who tower in the 6 foot 6 inch height range as they
pound the ball inside until their opponents say, "No
Mas!"  Undoubtedly, ALKEBULAN will have their
hands full, and will counter with defensive strategy,
speed, and the leadership and experience of Whimp
Ranson, Predator Vaughn, Gil "DOC' Alvarez, and
the former New York Technical College standout
Kelvin "KJ" Jones.  Team Captain Lahh Woods
stated, "We know them very, very, well.  We've
been battling with them for years.  Off the court
these are the greatest brothers,...calm, loving,
gentlemen, you would ever want to associate
with...On the court, [Lahh laughs] that's a
different story, they play hard and take no
prisoners...Let's just say they don't like to 
loose and neither do we.  Should be a great
game. I've known Santos for years.  He let's
me play on their "B" Team every now and then.
Those are great guys."  There is no official
record of who leads this inner-city, competitive,
series in "Ws",,,However, it is the humble
opinion of this writer that the Puerto Rican Pro
Legends have established a substantial lead
over the Harlem Pro Legends. But, all that
means nothing. Because, Sunday is a brand
new day, and the day for a brand new game...
with old friends, at Orchard Beach.

At the time of this story, the following is the ALKEBULAN ROSTER for the
Latino Sports Celebrity Game and Legends Classic 2014
Coached by Bill Robinson
Orchard Beach Was Basketball Heaven For 19th Annual Celebrity Games and Family Day
          PLAYER NAME & #                 HT/WT           HIGH/COLLEGE         HOMETOWN
#1-LAHH "BABA" WOODS              5'10"/150 lbs    AVIATION HS/CCNY         BRONX, NY
#2-TOM "SHOWTIME" SINGLETON 6'1"/178 lbs        /ESSEX CC                   BRONX, NY
#3-KELVIN "KJ" JONES                     6'2"/175 lbs            NY TECH U               BRONX, NY
#4-CALVIN "GHOST" WALTON        6'6"/240 lbs          CENTRAL HS              BRONX, NY
#5-LARRY "BUCKETS" SHOY       6' 0"/220 lbs.     VIRGIN ISLANDS            BRONX, NY 
#6-SAM "STICK MAN" HOLLINS     6'1" 170 lbs.            DODGE HS                 BRONX, NY
#7-ERIC "E-MAN" CAMPBELL        6'0" 175 LBS         CLINTON HS                BRONX, NY
#9-LINZELL "PREDATOR" VAUGHN  6'6" 250 LBS        WALTON HS            BRONX, NY
#10-JAMES "TRUCK" SUTTON              6'4" 235 LBS         WALTON HS        BRONX, NY
#12-WARREN "CLYDE" STOREY            6'3" 189 LBS     VIRGINIA STATE    BKLYN, NY
#14-MIKE "SET-SHOT" ALLEN               6'2" 185  LBS    LAGUARDIA CC    QUEENS, NY
#15-GIL "THE DOC" ALVAREZ               6'5" 245 LBS       GRAPHICS HS   HARLEM, USA
#16-TONY 'SUGAR DADDY" GREENE   6'2" 185 LBS           CCNY               QUEENS, NY

                          PUERTO RICAN PRO LEGENDS 2014
                Coached by Santos Negron & Charles Cotto

   PLAYER NAME & #                        HT/WT      HIGH/COLLEGE   HOMETOWN
#6-TYLER 'The Difference" BROWN 6'4"/225 lbs.                                         NYC
#12-ANDRE "CORKY" ORTIZ          6'2'/170 lbs.                                   HARLEM, USA
#15-AL MORALES                              6'1" 185 lbs.                                         NYC
#21-OBET "TREE" VASQUEZ           6'6"/260 lbs.                                         NYC
#32-ANTHONY GAINES                    6'7"/275 lbs.                                         NYC
#34-JOE NAVARES                             6'4"/240 lbs.                                         NYC
#40-DERRICK LAWSON                    5'11"/ 190 lbs.                                  BRONX, NY
#42-LOUIS "CHICKY" ARROYO      5'11"/190 lbs                                        NYC                      
ALBERTO MALDONADO                                                                                 NYC
ORLANDO PACHECHO                                                                                    NYC
TONY DIAZ                                                                                                          NYC
MIKE CINTRON                                                                                                  NYC
                                 Team Managers: Roberto Guilbe and Henry Comas


  1. LATINO SPORTS FAMILY DAY AT ORCHARD BEACH...The community had an incredible
    day of sun, fun, music and competition. Game one, a relative close one with Latino Sports
    walking away with the victory over Bronx-net Cablevision. In game two it was The Puerto Rican Pro Legends victorious over ALKEBULAN, Men of Respect Legends by a lopsided
    score of 75-55. It was close at the beginning and that quickly changed as Alkebulan
    trailed from the opening of this annual game of NYC Legends. Details at 11.

  2. CORRECTION!!! The correct score for game one was 153 to 147 with BronxNET defeating Latino Sports...And game two's score was 65 to 49 in favor of The Puerto Rican
    Pro Legends over ALKEBULAN.