Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Housing & Dining Clinch the 2015 Columbia U Charity Game 41-34

This year the Housing and Dining department were victorious over the Public
Safety squad in the Annual Basketball Tournament held in the Levin Gymnasium
at Columbia University.  This championship game was the cap of a two day,
single elimination tournament that showcased the talents and abilities of the
various departments of the Columbia University's facilities staff.

                   Coach Joe Fabio [Center], Asst Coaches Joe Tavares & Johnny Pugh

                              It was a hotly contested game, with numerous lead changes.
                              When all was said and done Housing and Dining secured the
                              win with strong team play and defense.
                      Public Safety players, Manny and Evans, with 2nd Place Trophy

Monday, December 15, 2014


Dateline Saturday December 13, 2014  [12/13/14]
Baobao Tree [Senegal]
 It was THE THIRD 
and it was billed as the 
"Challenge of the Elders" 
Masters Basketball...
NYC Style. 

It was a cool 
Saturday evening when two sizzling ALKEBULAN 
Masters Basketball Traveling Teams faced off to 
see who would qualify for the 2015 Martin Luther 
King Memorial Games with Each One Teach One 
in Harlem.  It was quite an event, and when the 
smoke cleared there could only be one victor, 
and that was TEAM ALKEBULAN [Age 50 
& Under] The final score of this particular 
"White Shorts" game was 59 to 42 in favor of 
the young and the restless, who defeated TEAM 
ALKEBULAN   [Age 50 & Over].

                             3rd ANNUAL OCCUPY
                        KWANZAA CLASSIC

Early in the contest both teams traded baskets, to the 
"oooss and aahhs" of the local teenagers in attendance.  
Then the game took on athletic performance that was 
quite remarkable.  The stellar defensive play of Mike 
"Buckets"Anderson, Kelvin "Ghostface" Wharton,  
Earl "Ice Man" Savage and Leroy "Buggy" Samuel 
literally put a lid on the Over 50 basket and dictated
the final outcome of the hard contested game.  "It was 
a Block Party and our entire team was invited," said 
player Lahh Woods...Coach John Pugh of the 50 & 
Over Team stated, "They were everywhere.  They out 
hustled us and played great competitive basketball...
The way the game should be played." 


This impressive team effort and victory was a far cry 
from the humiliating experience that TEAM 
ALKEBULAN had, only two months ago at the 
Tournament of Legends at Riverbank State Park.  
Alkebulan, in that tournament, got ran out of the gym, 
while playing against some of the best 40 and Over 
competition in the county.  In that tournament 
TEAM ALKEBULAN had two consecutive
tournament losses to Dominican Sports-USA 
& the Puerto Rican Pro Legends.

While that defensive core group kept the slightly older 
team out of the paint and off of the score board, Eric 
"EZ" Campbell, and L. Predator Vaughn played 
facilitators and distributed the ball efficiently to their 
teammates for wide open 3-balls and numerous 
breakaway buckets.   Larry "Hook Shot" Shoy even 
got into the act, and into the books with a couple of 
buckets, after his dismal outing last month in this very 
gym at the 2014 Daddy Woods Classic. Yes, he has 
redeemed himself on the hardwood floor.


Was there any bright moments for the ALKEBULAN 50 
& OVER team?  Of course, they were once again led by  
Andre "Corky" Ortiz aka Pappa C, aka The Latin 
Assassin, aka El Exciente [The Demanding One] 
Corky's floor play was superb and he is always ready to 
play hard and leaves it all on the court.  The game was 
an impressive first outings of rookies, to Masters play,  
Tim "T-Boogie" Barrett, and Clarence "Mr. C"  
Nesmith aka "The Dunk" It is the opinion of this 
observer that the addition of these players in these 
monthly games will enhance the national profiles of  

**Definition of Alkebulan is as follows:
“The ancient name of Africa was Alkebulan.
Alkebu-lan "mother of mankind" or "garden of eden".
Alkebulan is the oldest and the only word of indigenous origin.
It was used by the Moors, Nubians, Numidians, Khart-Haddans (Carthagenians),
and Ethiopians.  Africa, the current misnomer adopted by almost everyone today,
was given to this continent by the ancient Greeks and Romans. "



Friday, November 21, 2014

IBALLmag Launches Winter Pro-Am League

IBall Magazine, 
the Premiere 
Pro-Am League 
on the Atlantic 
seaboard launches 
their 2014-2015 
winter season with scheduled games 
from Buffalo, NY 
to Washington,

IBall Minor League Basketball is a six to eight week 
competition and is the brainchild of the Watkins
Brothers, who have hosted and competed in adult
basketball tournaments up and down Interstate-95
for more than twenty years.  

This tournament ends with a Five- Thousand Dollar 
Cash Prize [$5,000.00] for the winners, and media 
exposure on the IBall Webcast Network.  Strong 
teams from DC, Southern New Jersey, Philadelphia, 
Buffalo, and Elmira, NY are on-board for a blazing 
regular season and a spectacular end of season 
playoff for the $5K payday.  

The six competing teams are as follows:

The Elmira NY Heismans [New York]
The Capitol City Express [Wash, DC]
The South Jersey Bulldogs [New Jersey]
The Philly Ballerz [Pennsylvania]
The Buffalo Blue Hawks [New York]
The Western NY Thunder [New York]

Opening Night the Buffalo Blue Hawks 
defeated the Western NY Thunder 138-114.

For Additional Press and League information...
See Iball Minor League on

Friday, November 14, 2014


That's right, Charles Barkley goes 
both ways.  I said it, I'll say it right in his face.  
He's a switch hitter...He's AC/DC.  He's 
happy as he wants to be...Merry and Gay.



Barkley channeling his inner Wonder 
Woman in an ad campaign for Weight Watchers.

What I'm saying is that his popularity has 
soared, his stock is up, and he has positioned 
himself to reap the financial benefits of playing 
the LGBTQQ Card. What the heck is that?

So since Sir Charles has been playing this
year in year out "Halloween Dress-Up Play-
date" for a number of years, I decided to
reflect on some of his opinionated flaws 
and some of mixed up or mix gendered
behavior.  In all faireness, we've had alot 
of fun with Charles.   He is one of the 
most quoted athletes of our time...been
quoted as much as Mohammed Ali.

Historically, he has a great sense of humor and on 
the court Charles is top 50...An original Dream 
Teamer. However, Charles' voyage into
public commentary on issues of race, politics,
and the Black American community, has 
raised his profile and motivated me to reflect
on Sir Charles.

First things first, his history of dressing up in
panty hose [at least in public] goes back 
to the 1990's with an appearance on the
deceased comedy show on NBC TV
called Saturday Night Live.  


A quick change into a TNT sports analyst suit and tie.

Myself and former New York Knick Fred 
Crawford happened to be present in the 
Live studio audience.  When Chuck 
came out in those high heels and tight 
fish-net panty hose the crowd 
went wild with laughter.  I personally
know two men who were present and 
who were not laughing...That was me and 
Mr. Crawford.  We looked at each other
and shook our heads thinking, "Damn
Chuck...Your taking a big L on live TV

Photos from Barkley's Saturday Night Live career.

 What is America's fascination with Black men,
strong Black men, in dresses?  Who started this
bazaar and strange phenomenon? What is the
history of cross dressing and why do these
successful sports and entertainment personalities
go for the O-KEE-DOKE?  What kind of "Role
Model" is Mr. Barkley and others for our 
children? Strange world we live in.

We've come to know Charles Barkley over the
years as the harmless "Down Home Country" athlete, 
who personally overachieved on the court.  He could 
also create a certain degree of shock and awe with his 
off the cuff remarks, like a shock jock. Do you 
remember Charles' popular Nike shoe campaign "I 
am not a role model!" 

He stared directly into the camera, strong, defiant,
articulate and if nothing else....Masculine. What
happened? How did they get to you Chucky?  We
were proud of you Charles. We really were.

I can see you mixing it up with Oakley. I can
remember you not backing down from the Big
Bad Boy Wolf Bill Lambeer, who should have
been in the WWF not the NBA.

We know his history. He came out of nowhere. 
The Round Mound of Rebound, personally 
carrying Auburn's basketball program on his 
strong, wide, back. He's always been a 
double threat, with an offensive and defensive
intensity...Duality.  A man of contradictions...
[1] Fiercely Serious and Intense with a Sense of Humor.
[2] Professional Athlete who looked Fat & Overweight
[3] Innocent Country Folk Wit & Radio Shock Jock Sound 
Bites...a little Rush Limbaugh and a little Will Rogers.

Whatever he did on the basketball court, I have no
issues with.  It's his new gig that gets to me.  No
not the slap stick comedy that he does with
Shaq, Kenny and Ernie on TNT, that's 
relatively entertaining as long as you already
know the score and situation of the game their
supposed to be talking about.  That I can stomach
because I have my handy remote control in my
hand at all times when those dudes are on.  Some-
times I believe they're auditioning for Def Comedy

So we come to the issue I introduced in my
opening...The issue of Charles Barkley being
a Switch Hitter...Charles going Both Ways...
AC/DC... This is how he goes both ways...
[1] He is a Black man, who dresses as a 
White woman. [2] He is a Black man who
critiques issues in America and is critical
of the Black community, cool. However,
where is the analysis of the rest of the 

The Charles Barkley that needs to retire from
the public scene is the Barkley who gives solicited
comments to the press on a number of sensitive 
national issues dealing with Race, Culture and 
Politics.  Here are two examples of Charles' Switch
Hitting...He plays to certain audience and sees 
himself as a voice of the Black community speaking
to White America.

[1] CHARLES BARKLEY: Well, I agreed with the verdict. 
I feel sorry that young kid got killed. But they didn’t 
have enough evidence to charge him. Something clearly 
went wrong that night. Clearly something went wrong. 
I feel bad for anybody who loses a kid, but if you looked 
at the case and you don’t make it — there was some 
racial profiling, no question about it. But something 
happened that changed the dynamic of that night, and 
I know — that’s probably not a popular opinion 
among most people but just looking at the evidence I 
agreed with the verdict.

[2] While appearing on “Afternoons with Anthony 
Gargano" a Philadelphia Radio Talk Show

Barkley went on a long monologue on 
the subject: ”Unfortunately, as I tell my 
white friends, we as black people, we’re 
never going to be successful, not because 
of you white people, but because of other 
black people. When you’re black, you 
have to deal with so much crap in your 
life from other black people. It’s a dirty, 
dark secret; I’m glad it’s coming out.

Why does he continue to put his foot in
his own mouth? I know why.  It's the same 
reason he puts on red lipstick, women's bras, 
and lace panties.
He does it for the money.  





 Ricky Williams [NFL]

                                                                   Larry Johnson [NBA]

                              Dennis Rodman [NBA]

                               Tyler Perry [Hollywood]


Cam Newton  [NFL]  

Thursday, November 6, 2014


           Balla-holics [Blue] defeat U Can't Guard Me [Gold]

It was supposed to be a blow-out.  It was supposed to be
a light-light workout where the young athletes would
get schooled on the finer aspects of the grown man's 
game.  It was supposed to be a clinic, where young legs
and hearts would be slightly bruised by the mature,
old school, weekend warriors in gold. It became a classic 
match-up of "Youth vs Experience"..."Speed vs Power"
"New Legs vs Old Legs"  Just closely look at the above 
post game photo for a moment.  Observe the body 
language.  Take a look at the juxtaposition of the 
teammates in relation to one another.  Look at which
group is smiling and which is not. It was not supposed
to go down like that.  The Balla-holics defeat U Can't
Guard Me by the score of 61-54 in the 1st Annual
Daddy Woods Classic in front of a capacity crowd
at the Jamaica YMCA aka Jamaica Square Garden.

Fresh out the gate...What is a Balla-holic? Let us 
break it down for you.

           2014 Balla-holics Basketball Team

                    1. some one who is very, very, good at basketball
              One who has skills...  
              It requires much skill to achieve "balla" status 

  1.Im a balla fo real
  2.LeBron James is a Balla 


            1. Suffix commonly applied to words to indicate 
                obsession, or dedication.

The family friendly game was part of the weekends 
celebration of the Life and Times of Clarence E.
Woods Sr. who was a firm believer in education,
recreational athletics, and positive community 
events.  The weekends massive celebration 
included a 2K Fun Run at Baisley Pond Park in 
Jamaica which was won by twelve year old Lucas 
Chaliz from Harlem, NY.  The Second Place 
runner was Lahh Woods, who has filed a written 
protest with the 2014 race committee over the 
lack of proper demarcations at the 2K finish line.  
Mr Woods demands a re-run and firmly believes 
he was denied his proper place on the victory stand.
One unidentified witness stated,"He's not a sore
loser or anything like that. He just wants what's 
rightfully his...He wants justice."



COREY WADE                               UNIQUE CHARLES

From the start of the game Coach Tim Barret 
instructed his young stars to push the ball, pass 
with a purpose and keep the defensive pressure 
on..."I knew that they were more experienced 
than us, but I also knew that we would never 
get tired...Not in that small gym."


And keeping the pressure on is exactly what 
they did, steals, deflections, block shots and 
transitional baskets were the order of the day.  
The ball-handling and leadership of Corey 
Wade held many of the loose pieces together 
as Unique Charles did the heavy lifting 
grabbing numerous rebounds and playing 
solid "D."

The game remained relatively close as U Can't 
Guard Me got several baskets from Tramaine 
"Buckets" Oxley and Thomas "C-Train" Coleman 
carried the offensive load for the veterans. Kelvin 
"Ghost" Wharton protected the rim, to the best of 
his ability, for the vets in gold with numerous 
blocked shots in the paint. "He should have got 
MVP. He was everywhere. He blocked my shot 
about ten times," stated Ellis "The Jet" Green. 


The post game assessment from U Can't Guard Me team
Captain, Larry "Hook-Shot" Shoy was not pleasant, "We
got a couple of ball-hogs on this team.  All I can say is
that there was selfish play. The ball was stuck. They
[Balla-holics] passed the ball, and we didn't!"

The speed and perimeter shooting of Steph "Down-
town "Graham, Justin "JJ" Joseph, and Ellis 'The Jet" 
Green was just a little too much for the opponents.
Every time the team in gold made a run to tie the 
game the young men in blue just hit the gas pedal 
and took their foot off the brakes.  It was a track 
meet, where the young legs got the job done with 
a seven point victory. The games outstanding
players [MVPs] were Thomas Coleman for 
U Can't Guard Me, and Justin Joseph for the 

                 Daddy Woods was a proud veteran of WWII 

Next year's Daddy Woods Classic will be a great one, 
hopefully you will be there to see the "Old Timers" get 
their first "W."    Peace and Blessings.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014



 On a cool autumn evening the Santo Domingo 
Legends defeat the Dominican Sports Legends of New 
York City in a contest witnessed by the basketball fans 
of Harlem and Washington Heights, NYC at Riverbank 
State Park. It was a great end of summer event.

              The Santo Domingo Legends win 2nd Title in a row

     Deportistas Dominicanos Inc claim 2nd Place in 2014 Event

This is the second year of the Tournament of Legends 
[Age 40 & Over] and the second time that the travelers 
from the capitol of the Dominican Republic have come 
away with the Legends Trophy. This is a very good 
Masters team, with of course, many years of experience.  
They play a basic, classic, style of basketball...Pass, pass, 
pass, pass,..Shoot.  They hit the boards, pitch out and 
they share the ball with great appreciation for one another
...I didn't sense that they had any "prema donnas" 
or head cases on their club.  They support each other 
and play defense with pride and intensity.
                          2014 Tournament of Legends Cup

     Santo Domingo established an early lead with their
excellent passing and stellar perimeter shooting.  To
compliment that aspect of their attack their bigs
defended and rebounded well. They had numerous
buckets served off of the cool offensive glass.

Earlier that evening, it was the Puerto Rican Pro
Legends, coached by the legendary Santos Negron, who
defeated Team ALKEBULAN [Motherland] representing
the Greater Harlem Community and
in a closely contested Consolation Game that went to the
wire. The margin of victory? What else?  Free-Throws.

ALKEBULAN was coached by Johnny Pugh, also
known in some circles as the "Dancing Bear."  He did a
great job on short notice to tie together various players
from diverse, and ever expanding, backgrounds.

So let's face it.  This is Masters Basketball.  Age 40
and older...Nobody Dunking...No one zooming baseline
to baseline draining 3's like 1st Round Draft Choices..
No one being scouted to go to "the league."  Some may
question and doubt, "What the heck are these old guys
doing out there?"  "Somebody's gonna get hurt!!"  
"Yall need to sit down somewhere and retire!'  I've 
heard it all, many, many times before.  

We play for many reasons. Some for the work
-out.  Some for the competition.  Some still strive 
for a level of personal athletic achievement that 
they may have never experienced before. While
some still ego trip and run to the scorers table
to check box scores after each game...Even
in a losing effort.  Some still chase referees
and coaches around the gym, while ranting and 
raving about a missed call or the lack of burn.
Whatever motivates these young men to 
continue to compete there will always be 
supporters and others who will swiftly motion 
for you to hang up your sneakers. The
following is a poem written by my Brother,
Cedric Dew, about the trials of an aging athlete. 

The Crippling Truth

I rode the wave of sports till it crippled me

The crowds, the rush, and cheese

Made dealinwith pain a routine thang

I jumped, double pumped

And then got bumped

Until one day I came down wrong

But I didnt sweat it twenty three - I was young

And maybe I felt a little unsung

So I played on.

I developed a fancy handle

Learned nothings personal in the battle

No matter what you do dont get rattled

I was like a celebrity made local

Had honeys hanginlike a trophy mantel

When the summer season ceased

And we went to indoors rec leagues

The pain gradually but surely increased

From an ache to a hereditary bone disease

But what would I do to replace this high?

The highlight reel I supply

Snatching rebounds out the sky

Dont tell me anything about age

This poetry in motion controls my rage

The lines place me on a stage

You tryna tell me that gonna change?

Imma ignore it and keep on playin

And then my coach started acting strange

Told me he had a lineup to rearrange

Id come off the bench for old time sake

Teach the rookies what mistakes not to make

Have an occasional flashback

Feel better at times and make a comeback

Even have an occasional slam at the rack

But again, I came down awkward

And this time I needed an ambulance

A specialist told me my career was done

To be thankful I could walk

Let along be able to run and gun

For about the next year true believers

Talked and hyped my return

But that day was not to come

My next trip to the park was to be acknowledged

As one of the great ones
Theres this new baller out there doin

Stuff no ones ever seen done

The memory of my era had aged in seconds

Some rookie prospect in his first year

Broke all my records

I showed up at games because it was

The only place I could go and be respected


I had never had to make a friend

Never had a problem getting women

I didnt need a job, everybody else was payin

Nobody tells you what its like when this game

This dream, this life comes to an end.

Thanks Cedric..You've given us plenty
to think about...On our way to work-out today.

This year the Legends Tournament acknowledged 
two Dominican Legends of the Basketball World, 
Felepe Lopez [St Johns/NBA] and Hugo Cabrera 
aka El Inmenso [Dominican Superior Balocesto]. 
These are two  great examples of athletic 
professionalism and positive community spirit.

The New York Knicks organization was on hand
with many give aways for the children and adults
in attendance...Mini-basketballs, Knicks T-shirts
and instant photo shopped pictures of the lucky 
fan and one of the virtual New York Knicks.  
There was also an offer for discounted NY Knicks 
tickets for a pre-season contest at The Garden
on Latino Heritage Night.

The event was produced by Deportistas Dominicanos 
Inc, and their tournament is growing in excitement 
and support. The tournament is designed to unify the 
community, developing partnerships and bridges for 
community health, education, and business enterprises.  

There has been plenty of talk over the years of  so
called established divisions along nationalist lines, 
based in the struggle for political  and economic resources 
in New York City  between Puerto Ricans, Blacks, and
Dominicans. Interesting to note the obvious absence of 
dialogue and analysis of how the white European 
Americans benefit from any of these Afro/Latino 

The following two articles touch on this urgent, conflict,
issue that many believe is true, and others believe to
be a divisive ploy to keep the people in the community 
at odds with one another.  I am not a fan of the New 
York Post.  I believe it is a dirty rag...Article #2 clearly
shows that...Many that read these articles will be 
influenced way or the other.

 Article #1 Latino vs Black 

 Article #2 The New Harlem Politics 

Three Basic Suggestions...Perhaps a community events 
like the Tournament of Legends can become a positive
stepping stone above some of the negative concepts and competitive situations in our community. And if the event 
is to be a truly democratic cultural exchange then [1] we 
need to share some of the air and mic time on the house 
sound system that pumped that non-stop Reggaeton for
the two days of the tournament. Why not put on some
James Brown, Curtis Mayfield, Motown, and Nina 
Simone for the folks in the house?  Why not play 
some Tito Puente and some Hector Lavoe at
hafl-time? [2] Perhaps during the timeouts our in-
between games the true cultural community of 
Harlem, NY should be represented with the Folk 
Dancing, Singing and Drumming from Puerto 
Rico, Africa and The Dominican Republic. [3] It
would have also have been great to have attended
the Latino Heritage Day at Madison Square Garden.
It is our understanding that several Legends 
Tournament participants had attended, whether
comped or not.  Sometimes when resources or 
opportunities aren't fully shared or not researched
thoroughly by all parties, communication break 
down and misunderstandings begin to erode a 
positive vibe and relationship. Next year, we as
a community, will get it right.
Peace and Blessings. LW