Sunday, June 28, 2015

NO SCRUBS SCRIMMAGE @ Riverbank Park Harlem, NY-Day One

On a rainy Saturday afternoon in Harlem, NY, launched it's
ALKEBULAN SUMMER competition with 4 on 4 Full Court Play between
QUEENS 1 and BRONX 2.  BRONX 2 though out-sized competed
consistently at a very high level from first whistle to when the lights went out.
There were no game or halftime score deficit that was more than two or three
points for the entire afternoon.  Coach Mike and Coach Rose have always
managed to teach and create strong units of young men in the BX to compete
in neighborhood contest...and this year, obviously, would be no different.
Madd Madd Shout to Coach Floyd Layne, Coach Charles Jackson and Coach
Whimp Ransom for keeping these workouts alive and available in our NYC

All five boroughs will be represented next week when we do it again...for all the
marbles at The International African Arts Festival in Brooklyn, NY.  Friday July
3rd @ 5 PM and Sunday July 5th @ 5PM
                                                BRONX TWO 2015 with Coach Mike
                                         [L to R. Henny, Mike, Rice & Lil Paul Pierce]

The following are notes, observations and game critiques written by the
participants in the scrimmage at Riverbank. The names have not been
changed to protect anyone.  Blessings. LW

                                                           QUEENS ONE 2015 
             [L to R-Hamed Dosso, Rashawn Ifill, Zhameek Lovejoy, Justin Joseph]

Commentary by Rashawn Ifill

Saturday's 4-Ball scrimmage QUEENS ONE vs BRONX TWO was one for the 
ages as both teams put on a show in an all out effort to prove who is the best in 
the battle of the boroughs. The battle was well fought as Justin Joseph [Far 
Right] hit back to back three-pointers to give Queens One a lead over Bronx 
TWO [20-17-]at the half.

In the second half things started to slow down for QUEENS ONE and 
BRONX TWO started to make an offensive push, grabbing multiple rebounds, 
and playing aggressive defense as they took a 35-29 over QUEENS ONE.  Q1 
mentally taken out of the game had to find some form of offense, [Guard] 
Rashawn "Buckets"Ifill [Guard with the ball] had to reassure them that it 
wasn't over yet...Running a consistent pick and roll with Zhameek Lovejoy 
to cut the deficit to one with the score 38-37.  As time came running down, 
who other than Buckets Ifill to receive the ball into his hands for the 
dagger three-pointer to give QUEENS ONE the victory 40-38.

Commentary by Coach Mike Pascal

Yesterday at Riverbank State Park I was fortunate to attend a great workout along
with a couple of scrimmage games.  This is what NYC basketball is sorely lacking,
the teaching and mentoring of its athletes.  The time spent there working, doing drills,
was truly a grand experience.  I would like to thank Coach Lahh Woods for giving
of his time, knowledge and energy.  Keep the blessings coming, the reward is in
our young people's future.  Peace and Blessings...Yours in Sport.
                                         Coach Mike Pascal

Saturday, June 27, 2015

2nd Annual Harlem Hoop Reunion 2015

The 2nd Annual Real Harlem Basketball Players Reunion

The following is an important post in regards to the 2nd Annual Hoop Reunion in Harlem, NYC.  We thank Tom Lockhart for this important update on the event. LW 

Posted on 1. May 2015 by RONN

(from left to right) Ernesto Morris, Norman Scullark, 
Tyrone Scott, Gerald Yearwood, Derek Adams, 
Howard Cherry, Vernon Moore. Artie Green, 
Shadeed Haneef Ali, Walter Simmons.

Residents of “Harlem, USA” have always taken 
basketball seriously! They are not only keen 
observers of the finer nuances and attributes of 
the game but also astute critical admirers of skill 
and talent. 

Through the decades, Harlemites have been 
renown for its knighting players. There’s Julius 
“Dr. J” ErvingJoe “The Destroyer” 
Hammond, and Herman “Helicopter” Knowings
to name a few. So, over the  July 24 th, 25 th
and 26 th 2015 weekend, Harlemites and guests 
will mingle, rub shoulders and talk shop with the 
players and personalities who’ve made Harlem 
the “Basketball Mecca of the World”!

The RHBP organization is a group of former 
and present Harlemite basketball players, who 
have joined hands to assemble local “Legends” 
who have, for well over 60 years, contributed to 
the excitement and innovation in basketball—
not just in Harlem but in the entire country and 
throughout the world.

Willis Reed sets a screen for Dean Meminger, Harlem “Legend”

Most of the organizing group’s members are not 
only former players who have competed at various 
levels in basketball and  attended college but they 
also possess the organizational skills, vision and 
commitment to make The 2nd Annual Real 
Harlem Basketball Players Reunion
success.  The unique style, innovation and 
creativity of African-American players are, without 
the slightest doubt, inspired by Harlemites

As far back as 1923, a Harlem businessman,  
Bob Douglas assembled a team of basketball 
players, then known as The New York Renaissance
a.k.a.,  The Rens. The team’s home games were 
played at the recently demolished  Renaissance 
Ballroom, 139th Street & 7th Avenue. The Rens 
were so successful that several well-established 
and reputable teams, of that era, refused to 
play them.

                                     John Isaacs

One of the Rens premier players, John Isaacs
was recently elected to the Naismith Basketball 
Hall of Fame. What makes this honour even more 
significant — Mr. Issacs played his entire career 
during the years when black players were banned 
from playing in the white ABL and NBA leagues. 
Since then, Harlem has produced more college 
and professional basketball players than any 
other single community in the world!

In recent times, the famous Rucker Professional 
League and the Entertainers Basketball Classic
playing outdoors in the summer months (Fridays, 
Saturdays and Sundays) at 155th Street & 8th 
Avenue in Harlem, are household names to 
basketball lovers in Australia, China, Turkey, 
and the Ukraine, to name a few. In the viewers’ 
stand, visitors from France, Italy, Germany, 
Greece and Harlemites sit together in total awe 
of the creative performances of the players! In 
recent years, it has become—for international 
basketball lovers—a frequently visited tourist 

Kareem Abdul Jabbar (when he was Lew Alcindor 
on a Harlem playground 17 yrs, old)

More than 500 former players and 5,000 fans 
are expected to attend this outdoor event 
honoring Harlem’s basketball legacy and the 
contributions made by players who have 
sparked our imaginations, inspired us to dream 
and made our fantasies fly. They have given us 
some of the most thrilling moments in our lives! 
Names like  Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Bill 
Chamberlain, Butch Lee, Joe Hammond, Pee 
Wee Kirkland, Satch Sanders, Cal Ramsey,  
Bob McCullogh, Freddie Crawford and   
Jamaal Mashburn will stand alongside players  
Tank Barnes, Calvin WhitworthEarl Wingate,  
Tony Meggett, Dave Britton, and many others, 
too numerous to mention.

Several generations of “basketball legends”, 
who have enjoyed varying degrees of success, 
and who are known and respected by the 
Harlem community—the most knowledgeable 
and opinionated basketball fans in the world!—
will be at the Reunion. Harlem basketball fans 
have seen it all, and, they can tell you all about 
it! In addition to “the gathering of eagles”, 
scheduled are Live-Music performances, a 
Photo Gallery Exhibition, a reservation only 
“Awards Dinner Under-the-Stars” and a to-
be-announced weekend entertainment 
program, hosted by a celebrity master of 

The Harlem Biddy League All-Star Team (1965), 
pictured with,Leroy Oatis, Coach of Church of 
the Masters.  The long-term goal of the Real 
Harlem Basketball Players Reunion is to establish 
a fund that would enable financially challenged 
members of the basketball community access to 
medical care or burial assistance. A secondary 
goal is to install programs, hosted by our valuable 
and experienced basketball “Legends”, that would 
help our basketball playing youth avoid the pitfalls 
and obstacles to success.

Donations will assist us in making the 2nd 
Annual Harlem Basketball Players Reunion 
a success. It will help us to stabilize the future 
of Harlem Basketball. It will help us to support 
our financially challenged mentors and role 
models. It will enable us to establish 
mentoring programs for our Harlem youth.


Donations can be made through PayPal or to: YES Inc. • Memo: Real Harlem Basketball Players • P.O. Box 143 • New York, New York 10037

Visit the Real Harlem Basketball Players on 
Facebook as well as
our website at:

—Tom Lockhart
Communications Support
Real Harlem Basketball Players

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Welcome to the 30th Anniversary of Cauldwell Day

Cauldwell Avenue, in the Bronx, is one of those low profile NYC streets that you could
easily sleep on as you dash from the east side towards the west.  But if you ever have the
occasion to take a moment.  Stop. Look around and feel the can be an oasis of
family, fun and positivity. "We've been meeting out here for 30 years," mentions
Wendell Whimp Ransom.  "Marty Alexander, Aaron Brunson, myself and a few other
people came up with the idea for the reunion...get together.  The first year we did play
ball, but not an organized game...But every year since then we've be cooking food,
playing music and playing basketball."

                   Whimp Ransom & Marty Alexander/Cauldwell Ave Reunion Committee

As people in the neighborhood aged and moved on, the reunion committee thought
is was important to have a day where family and friends could reconnect.  Ransom
reflects, "A lot of people where moving out...North, South...and many others
have passed away...But many families make it a point to be here just about
every year."  Families will be there like the Crichlows, the Richardsons, the Daniels,
and the Brunson families to name a few.


Now we have to take a moment to shout out some of the elders who preside over
this festive occasion.  Many of the are 80 or 90 years young, and can still dance
the night away if the right record is on...Mr. Aston Alexander [90 Years Plus],
Miss Helen [90 Years Plus & Twisting the night away], Mr John Warden  [80
Years Plus] 

                                           CAULDWELL LEGENDS GAME 2011

Now the "Old Timers Game" is a Who's Who of New York City Basketball...
Former PSAL Stars!...Former Division 1 through 3 College Standouts!
Long gone journeyman who have played overseas in the Armed Services
and some have played Upstate behind those unforgiving steel walls. Where
you've been and what you did 30 years ago has it's place...But for right
now on a hot summer day...Let's play some damn defense and pass the
God##%% Ball!!

                                    UPTOWN LEGENDS OLD TIMERS GAME 2013

Primarily an Uptown scene populated by the high flying, rim rocking ballers
from the 1960's and 1970's.   Local and Citywide legends show up and suit
up to show the world what they have left in the tank.  During this annual
spirited game the event takes on another dimension as sweet competitive
juices flow with the flagrant, pungent scent of Bengay and  rubbing alcohol.
Some players relax, laugh and enjoy the run as others...Dig in, and GET
SERIOUS as they body up and attempt to relive a bygone era of their
athletic past.  Let there be no doubt...This is the BX.  If you're suiting up
and getting on the court somebody is going to try to bust your tail.  That
just comes with the territory...Family Reunion or No Family Reunion...
Somebody's Got To Win...and Somebody's Got To Loose! A good time
is usually had by all and we can't wait to get in line for that barbeque
chicken.  So here we are Another Year Older and Another Year to
Celebrate Life and Family.  Peace. LW

Date of Annual Event July 4, 2015
Time: 8 am till it gets dark!
Game Time: 5PM
Location: Cauldwell Avenue between 156 & 158 Street
Donations Gladly Accepted
Bronx, NYC

For More Info Contact: Marty 347-440-4432 or Whimp 718-860-4250

Wednesday, June 10, 2015



Community Activist and Retired Professional Athlete, Bobby
Hunter, gets another assist in looking out for former Globe-
Trotters with his organizing and fund raising efforts.  

                                      Bobby Hunter

Hunter, the former New York PSAL standout has helped 
develop a support network that puts their money where their mouths are. A national conference of retired players, to 
discuss issues of business and culture will be held in Las 
Vegas Nevada.

The National Basketball Retired Players Association (NBRPA) 
will host its annual Legends World Sports Conference (LWSC) 
in Las Vegas, Nevada at the New York New York Hotel and Casino July 13 – 15!

Thursday, April 9, 2015


On the heels of their 2015 55 & Over Recreation Division National Masters Championship in Buffalo, NY the Still Here Organization is hosting their annual event in Medina, Ohio!


Charity 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament


Saturday May 30, 2015 Start Time 11:30am

Pinnacle Sports Complex
313 Medina Road,
Medina, OH 

Choose from two team categories: 1)Open age (18 or older) or 2) Over 40

Double Elimination. Time limits on games. Call your own fouls. (Court monitors will resolve disputes)

T-Shirts for all. Trophies for the champions!

Profits will support local youth basketball players who need financial assistance; national charities; and the Still Here benevolent fund.

$125 Per Team
Payment and Registration
due May 23 

For registration forms and tournament rules logon to: 
or email:
Phone 330-607-2652 

This is a very good event, in a positive environment...
We [The New York Sugar Daddies] traveled west last 
year and had a great time, on and off the court.  The 
competition is strong...great facility, and the town is 
welcoming and laid back. However, don't be fooled 
by the warm, small town setting with the gone fishing
signs and the Mayberry RFD facade... Some might 
be under the illusion that only the "Big Cities" 
produce the major basketball talent on all levels. I 
believe that athletic talent is everywhere...from 
Mecca [NY] [OH] and beyond.  
Anyone who travels a bit can testify to the truth of 
that statement.  Mayberry R.F.D. Info

Still Here 2015

Charity 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament

May 30,2015

Start Time 11:30am

Pinnacle Sports Complex
313 Medina Road,
Medina, OH 

Choose from two team categories: 1)Open age (18 or older) or 2) Over 40

Double Elimination. Time limits on games. Call your own fouls. (Court monitors will resolve disputes)

T-Shirts for all. Trophies for the champions!

Profits will support local youth basketball players who need financial assistance; national charities; and the Still Here benevolent fund.

$125 Per Team
Payment and Registration
due May 23 

For registration forms and tournament rules logon to: 
or email:
Phone 330-607-2652 

There are very good ballplayers participating in 
this community event who will politely, and
apologetically send you to the losers bracket.  
Peace and Blessings


Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The Three Masters Basketball Commandments by Lahh Woods

Reflections on Masters Basketball Weekend 2015 in Buffalo, NY

Disclaimer: The following statement is not intended to be offensive or disrespectful
to any religious groups, or individuals, practitioners of any spiritual traditions.  These
are, in my humble opinion, three basic suggestions on how to have a safe, healthy,
and enjoyable Masters Basketball Experience. LW

Commandment Number One- Be Prepared...Fellas you know you're coming up
here every March to relive the dream or at least compete. Right?!  So we have to
prepare a few months earlier.  Do some sit ups.  Jog in place.  Touch a basketball.
Do some  jumping jacks. Get your blood pressure checked.  Do twenty push ups
a day.  STRETCH!!! Be Prepared.

Commandment Number Two- Have some Fun.  As serious as we are about Life,
Love. Family...And Basketball.  We have to have a good time while we still have
breath in our lungs.  This should be a stress free weekend.  Arguing Masters
Basketball with your old college roommate, the referees, tournament officials,
hecklers in the arena or any of your slightly overweight opponents is not on the
weekends agenda. We can't take ourselves too seriously.  Curb some of your
emotions.  Get it on.  Go for what you know...and have a good time.  Show a
little sportsmanship.  Make a new friend...not a new enemy. Blessings

Commandment Number Three- Don't Get Hurt- Play hard, listen to your body...
Get your rest during the game.  If you need a blow, get off the court and let someone
get some playing time.  Are you really physically prepared to play an entire game at
your age? Every game?  Did you stretch today? Did you stretch yesterday?
Do you stretch at all?  Be wise and "Don't Overdose on The Pill!"  Learn how
to live to fight for another day.

                          New York $ugar Daddie$ 2015

Friday Night's Game- The New York Sugar Daddies competed on Friday night and
we had a successful run verses OES Canada.  The pregame musical inspiration played
on the team bus for game one was provided by non other than the notorious, great,
gangsta MC commonly known as Barry M.  Gangsta MC Barry M The pregame music
is important.  It is critical, it sets a tone, it gets you psyched for the battle ahead. This
was a good game for us. Not much defense played by either team in this game.  We
had an advantage over their club due to the fact we had fresh legs and they had just
played a close one prior to our game time. We had a good start to the game.
We moved the ball well and fed Big John Marques in the low post.  We didn't bicker
amongst ourselves, we shared the ball, and shared our minutes.  We kept it basic and
slowly began to create separation from O.E.S..  They were tired.  However, they were
not about to lay down and take a "L" to us.  They had one guy with a buzz cut that
carried them for a significant amount of time...Let's just call him "Lights Out." aka
Leroy Casanova.  He must have had five or six consecutive 3-balls before we made
the adjustment.  When OES Coach Doug Coombs was asked about Casanova's
whereabouts during a second half break Doug quipped, "He went to go pour some
cold water on his shooting arm, because he was Too Hot!"  We eventually secure
the six point win and are feeling pretty good after our 8 hour drive. Sugar Daddy
Roger "Red" Collier stated, "We need to find a way to secure air travel...We need
to leave earlier, get the proper rest...And a couple of practices wouldn't hurt either."
The Sugar Daddies were led by the stellar play of  John "Sky Hook" Marques,
Warren "True" Storey and Kelvin "The Skate" Jones.  Johnny Pugh, Tony Greene,
and Roger "Red" Collier aka as the "Sugar Daddy Brain Trust" did a remarkable
job of rallying the troops. 

OES went undefeated for the rest of the weekend and secured the 50
& Over Competitive National Title for 2015. Coach Coombs comments on the
New York Sugar Daddies, "The competition in Buffalo was pretty competitive.
You guys were the only team to beat us this weekend.  We went all the way
after that game.  We didn't shoot very well against you.  I told our guys that
they shot the ball so bad they would be lucky if the ball hit the floor." 
OES has a great club with a long history of Master's participation.

                   OES/LCI Strong History/Strong Team 2015 Competitive 50 & Over Champs

Coach Coombs has been coaching for 45 to 50 years and has a great sense of
humor and a unique perspective on keeping a solid club together, "You have to
get rid of the a##-holes, and find the very good players, who are very good
people."  To name a few of those "very good players" on the OES [formerly
LCI] Roster...This year's MVP Rob Samuels, Ian Mahoney [St Francis U],
Tony Christie [Elizabeth State U] and a little known Canadian baller named
Mitch Wiggins [NBA]. Coombs rates the Master's National Tournaments as
follows [4] Canadian Masters Open (September in Toronto) [3] Detroit Masters
Seniors Games (June in Southfield, MI) [2] Buffalo National Championships
(March) [1] Coral Springs Masters (May in Florida)

POP QUIZ #1....So what did we do after we hit the hotel and showered,
knowing we had a full weekend of hoops ahead of us.  What do you think we did?

[A] We headed over to Santoras for Late Night Meal
[B] Stayed in our rooms, got some warm milk, and got to bed early
[C] Talked smack and watched 100 college games on 100 TV screens
[D] Drank Beer, Wine and Sangria until the bar closed
[E] All the Above...Except B

[Correct answer is E]

                                                                       NIAGARA FALLS

Saturday we had a busy day after breakfast...We go back to the hotel and watch
a 70's styled Blacksploitation Film [Thanks to Coach Pugh and his dvd Player] called
Black Dynamite. This film was made in 2009 and is
a dead on spoof of all that was good, bad, and ugly about the "C Budget" action packed,
cultural stereotypes of "Ghetto Life in Da Hood."  While watching this movie, jam packed
with so many symbols and images from the early 1970's, I didn't know whether to [a] laugh,
[b] get mad, [c] protest or [d] cry.  I believe I did a little bit of each.

Coach Johnny Pugh reflects on the weekend, "In  Summary:  I really have mixed feelings
about the Tournament, and the Trip.  On one hand I had a great time bonding with my
Team. I think for the most part are great guys.  The Hotel was good. The weather was
mild for Buffalo. I can honestly admit that the Competition was good."

After the movie and popcorn, we prepared for our 7 PM game by going to the Niagara
Clothing Outlets and spending some of the meal money we had in our pockets.  We
rush back to the hotel, change into our game gear and race to the gym.

Saturday Evening's Game
Someone suggested that we change the pregame music. They wasn't feeling MC Barry
M...I said, "We listened to MC Barry M and got a "W"...So we should stick with MC
Barry M until we lose a game. Right!!??  I got outvoted and we switched the music in
the van to Public Enemy.  Welcome to the Terrordome  Heads nodding.  Game faces
tight and focused..."Get that MC Barry M crap ooutta here!" was shouted from the
back of the bus.  "We should have played this yesterday!!" We are ready for battle...
or perhaps we are not.  Carnegie Jazzmen GM Andy Terranova reflects on the 2015
North American Masters competition, "There were several high caliber teams who
came from as far away as Chicago, Indianapolis and New York City.

We had minimal warm up.  No fanfare.  They toss the ball up and we immediately
go up 10 on the local club,Carnegie Jazzmen, from Buffalo.  We're feeling pretty good
about ourselves right about now.  And then suddenly it happened.  These Carnegie
Jazzmen, this Buffalo team is not going any where.  We were playing...Pass. Pass. Shoot
....They were playing Pass,,,Pass,,,Pass,,,Pass,,Pass,,,Pass,,,Pick...Cut...Pass...Layup.
Next thing I know we're not up ten...We're down ten.  Now the realities of what were
dealing with are beginning to sink in. All of a sudden those mixed drinks and beers
we had the night before at 1 AM aren't tasting so good to us.

Now it's been said that "home cooking" is the way to a man's heart and to a local
teams advantage.  However, home cooking or not....These guys were out performing
us.  It wasn't anything we hadn't seen before, but their collective effort was a site to
behold.  They moved slowly.  Not very athletic.  They moved with purpose, balance
and UNITY.  One voice.  We on the other hand were not that organized in our efforts
on that day.

We needed someone to step up.  We needed somebody to put on a Sugar Daddy green
cape and play big on the glass...You know above the rim.  We needed buckets. We
needed some heroics.   We don't need a big man...We need men that play BIG!!  Where
was Black Dynamite when you really needed him? Where was MC Barry M?

We at times played hard...We at times played together...We always seemed to
have something to say like...too many cooks in the kitchen.  "The zone's not working!"
"We can't play man to man, because Man to Man's not working!" "We should trap...
What about a trap?" "My stomach hurts!"

We fight back into the game and we're down 3 or four with about a minute left.
We are right there...Right where we want to be.  I believe we are going to win.
We've got momentum...We've got weapons...We got it going On! We've got 12
seconds left on the clock. WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON!!??!!  All hell
breaks loose. Some yelling at the two chemistry majors at table on court #2...
Some yelling at the bench...after 5 minute discussion I take a short walk and
watch some 65 to 70 year old ballers on court #1 doing their thing. Strong.
Athletic. Organized.  Efficient in their movements.  They we relatively quiet. 
I pray for health and the opportunity to do what they are doing in a few years.
God Bless Them.

I return to our court.  They've added thirty seconds on the clock.  Play resumes
and we cannot overcome this well oiled Carnegie Jazzmen, Buffalo Basketball Club.
We'll see them again, I think to myself.   We'll see them again...When we live
to fight for another day.  Andy Terranova comments, "One of the better teams
was the Sugar Daddies from NYC. We got lucky from the free-throw line
against them.  [The Carnegie Jazzmen shot over 95% for the game]  Without a
very high free-throw shooting percentage, that game we would have lost...
Class team too."

Coach Johnny Pugh stated," Now about the Games. I thought we played the first two
games a little sloppy but I thought we played well enough to win.  We beat OES and
lost to The Carnegie  Jazz...Which {game} we put under Protest because of time lost
due to lack of recognition of a 30 second or 45 second shot clock..And a time clock
error where we were down one possession and the referees never called 10 seconds
after we pressed them...After a made free throw and 25 seconds went off the clock.
Long story short, they put 10 seconds back on the Clock they kept the possession
they got fouled and we lost." 

                                      Curfew? What Curfew? We're out with the coach.

Sunday Morning's Game vs INDY STARS
The decision of what pregame music would be played in the van today was left to DJ Warren
Storey.  It was Sunday morning, we are one and one, and we need a lift.  It was up to him
to decide which direction we would go for inspiration.  His choice for the day would be
an important one. He decided to go with The Sunday Morning good word.  STAND
Coach Pugh remembers, 'The third game against the Indy team was very intense, we
had double technical fouls at the beginning of the game, then as I'm bringing my player
out to cool of he gets a 2nd technical and is out of the game."  INDY STARS  Player/
Coach James "Nut" Adams had these observations, "I think your player {Kelvin Jones}
took himself out of the game.  [I say the ref took him out of the game. LW] I know you
[Sugar Daddies] have certain players who always come to play.  I thought the big man
[John Marques] would be more of a factor...and once your team lost that player
[Jones] Your team went into substitution [rotation] problems. It started to break
down...people arguing about playing time."
Coach Pugh added, "We put up a fight but lost as they pulled away.  Having said
everything I don't put our losses on the refs. Could they have done better? Yes, but
as players we cannot leave it in their hands.  As a team I felt we could have done better
and as a Coach I felt I could been better. Nevertheless I loved the effort for the most part. 
Some guys  got a little upset but we got through it.  I would like to thank Peter Durham,
he was a good host and the staff was friendly. I would like to thank all the players on
our team, great guys and everyone who supported us.  Thank You."

                                              INDY STARS- 55 & OVER CHAMPIONS

The INDY STARS defeat Carnegie Jazzmen by eight points to win the Age 55 Competitive
Division Title.  The INDY STARS consecutive win streak has to be in the area of 12
games as the win yet another  National Masters Basketball Title.  James "Nut" Adams
reflects, "We thought we could run on them.  Never underestimate a ball player."  The
INDY STARS went up as many as thirteen points in the first half, only to be challenged
by the tough Carnegie Jazzmen team from Buffalo, New York.  The Jazz hit several three
pointers in the second half and made some defensive stands to cut the lead to four points
late in the game.  "They thought they could steal the game, but we didn't fall apart...It's
a team effort, not an individual effort," stated Adams via satellite from his Indianapolis
home.  Congrats to the INDY STARS for yet another successful tournament showing.

Bernard "Super B" Braithwaite, who has played with the Sugar Daddies and LCI/OES,
comments on Adult Masters competition, "It's a great opportunity to compete against
guys in your own age bracket.  You get to travel and play against people from all over
the country. Personally, I love it."  Perhaps Mr. Cal Dilworth, the Masters Veteran and
major supporter of these games, puts the Buffalo Maters weekend best when he said,
"We had fun...No injuries...That's a good tournament."

Madd Madd Shout to Peter Durham and the 2015 Buffalo Masters Committee...
Yet another year of excellence, where community and friends follow the bouncing
ball. Thank You.  Blessings. LW

Thursday, March 12, 2015


weekend when old men relive past dreams, and even 
older men lace up those kicks for yet another game 
with the fellas.  This is MASTERS Basketball Tournament 
Time sixty teams from all over 
the free world assemble to network, greet old friends, 
eat at good restaurants.  They will tour the Niagra Falls 
area, stay up late and watch sports on TV...and oh yeah...
They will be playing some competitive basketball. 

University of Buffalo’s Alumni Arena is scheduled to host 
the 2015 North American Championship Tournament. 
Player range from ages 45 to 85...That's right 85+!!

The New York City Sugar Daddies are, once again, competing 
in the Age 55 & Over Division.  Coach John Pugh has great expectations from his weekend warriors, "I think we're going 
to do just fine. We believe in ourselves and our defense will 
be our bread and butter.  The offense will come.  These are all veterans who are up in age.  There should be no surprises...
We've all been there...done that!" We will have updates over 
the next few days and some video highlights of the 
championship weekend.

  • Our 22nd annual event will welcome 60+ teams from throughout the U.S. and Canada, and is the largest annual tournament of its type. 
  • Each team will play at least 3 games and some will play 4 or 5 in less than 40 total hours. 
  • For some age groups, club level of play coincides with competitive level. 
  • Registration is also open to individuals. 
  • Admission to the games is free for spectators.
  • Net proceeds of the event benefit the UB Athletic Department.